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2022 Meeting Schedule

Due to the disruption of Covid-19 over the past couple of years we have decided to trial a new meeting schedule for 2022 to preserve the energy of all the wonderful volunteers involved in making Richmond such a great place to live.

Formal Meetings

Formal Meetings will be in Feburary, May, August & November, on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 7pm at Avebury House. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the agenda and speakers.

Working Group Meetings

Working Group Meetings will be in March, April, June, July, September, October & December on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7pm at The Richmond Club.

Our current working groups are:

  • Roading
  • Communications
  • Richmond Clean Ups
  • Richmond Village
  • Arts
  • and Parks

We welcome everyone to come and join out meetings and/or a working group if you prefer action rather than formal committee structure.

Email with any enquiries

What’s on in Richmond

Petrie Street Repair Update Week 7

Petrie Street Repair Update Week 7

Main aim for week 7 is to allow the watermain advance towards Randall. Having lost one day to rain last week we are anticipating laying the new pipe up to property No.32. The watermain is welded into “strings” each 36m long. We will endeavour to keep them from your...

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Petrie Street Repair Update Week 6

Petrie Street Repair Update Week 6

Firstly, I would like to thank the residents for their help and support during week 5 which allowed us to pour the first section of new kerb and channel. It’s always a day of significant disruption and the residents were very helpful and supportive during this...

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Petrie Street Repair Update Week 4

Petrie Street Repair Update Week 4

Week four sees us getting closer to the end of the street with the Stormwater drainage. The final 80 metres of this pipeline is reinforced concrete so this takes a bit longer as there’s some added detailing involved and concrete pouring around the pipe. Nevertheless,...

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Who we are

Richmond is one of the oldest suburbs in Christchurch. It was severely impacted by the Christchurch earthquakes and has seen its natural catchment eroded by the loss of the homes along the Avon Corridor.

Despite this Richmond has become a diverse, vibrant suburb that has a bright future ahead of it. The completion of the major roading projects, Richmond Working Men’s Club and the rebuild of Delta Community hub will only enhance the activities that are being undertaken by the likes of Avebury House, The Richmond Community Garden and the Regenerate facilitated Red Zone plan.

Offering up titillating tales to provoke a bit of thinking and hopefully some good old constructive conversation.


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