AGM Minutes June 2019

Jun 27, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes from our Annual General Meeting held on June 25.

A reminder:
Know Local Go Local Community evening
Tuesday 2 July 7 p.m. to 8 pm.

Shirley Intermediate School is inviting the local community, community groups, schools, preschools, community boards, councillors, local MPs, and residents associations. This is an opportunity for everyone to meet our local community and get to know Shirley Intermediate, our local Intermediate.

Key speaker is Duane Major from West Spreydon School.

David Duffy
Richmond Residents and Business Association

Minutes for the Annual General Meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 25 June, 7.30 pm


Committee – A.Crooks, D.Duffy, C.Given, H.Guglietta, A.Hart, M.James, T. Partridge, V.Ware
Council Representatives – B. Coleman, P.Cotter, D.Swiggs, E.Rankin
Residents –  C.Allden, C.Doig, J. Hopkins, J.McBride, P.Milne, L.Morrison, E.Smith, J.Titner. 

Chairperson’s Welcome – Hayley Guglietta

Apologies: Alan Bateman, Ann Hitchings, Sally Buck, Jenny Dalziel

Accepted – Moved/Seconded: H.Guglietta/M.James

Guest Speaker – Erica Rankin from City Libraries.  “The role a Library Can Play in Building Community Wellbeing”. Erica 20 minute presentation covered the roles modern libraries fulfil in today’s communities.

President’s Report – presented by Hayley Guglietta

This included a written report and a visual display of the issues the association has worked through in the past year. H.Guglietta moved that the annual report be accepted – seconded by Angela Hart 

Councillors Cotter and Swiggs expressed their thanks and recognition of the work the association was doing. They also endorsed the work done by Bruce Coleman in maintaining the communication channels between the Council and the Association.

Treasurer’s Report – presented by Murray James

M.James moved that the financial report be accepted, seconded by H.Guglietta.

The treasurer told the meeting that a revised constitution statement was being prepared to allow the association to have its annual financial statements inspected

In a way which was legally acceptable without incurring the cost involved under the present formal audit clause. A motion to this effect was moved by M.James and seconded by V.Ware – passed unanimously. 

Appointment of Officers 

The following nominations were confirmed:
Chairperson: Vicki Ware – nominated by Hayley Guglietta, seconded by Murray James 

Secretary: David Duffy – nominated by Greg Partridge, seconded by Ashley Crook 

Treasurer: Murray James – nominated by Vicki Brown seconded by Hayley Guglietta

Committee Members: 

Ashley Crook – nominated by Vicki Brown, seconded by Hayley Guglietta
Craig Given – nominated by Ashley Crooks, seconded by Vicki Brown
Hayley Guglietta – nominated by David Duffy, seconded by Greg Partridge
Angela Hart – nominated by David Duffy, seconded by Hayley Guglietta
Jen McBride – nominated by H.Guglietta, seconded by M.James
Greg Partridge – nominated by Ashley Crook, seconded by David Duffy

General Business:

  • Lane name – 58 Perth Street
    H.Guglietta and G.Partridge sought the meeting’s support to attend a hearing on July 1 to contest the proposed naming of a lane at 58 Perth St. They suggested that the names proposed by Williams Corporation (Laurenson Lane and Bingsland Lane) were inappropriate and they suggested either Jam Lane or Wylie’s Lane better reflected the history of the area. It was felt that the name Bingsland would be better suited to a larger more prominent area such as the Richmond Village Green opposite the supermarket. The following motion was put forward: “That H.Guglietta be given a mandate to approach the Council suggesting that the names Jam Lane or Wylie’s Lane be adopted when naming the lane at 58 Perth St.” Moved V.Ware, seconded– G.Partidge. The motion was passed unanimously.
  • A number of other items were discussed briefly: an appeal for support for the Know Local, Go Local evening to be held at Shirley Intermediate on July 2 starting at 7.00 p.m.; the status and condition of River Road.


The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

The next general meeting of the Richmond Residents and Business Association is scheduled for Tuesday, 23 July at Avebury House at 7.00 p.m.