Election Forum

Sep 5, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

DATE: Tuesday September, 24

TIME: 7.00 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

VENUE: Delta Centre, Stanmore Road (to be confirmed)




7.00 pm
Audience seated. Forum panel members greeted and seated

7.05 pm 
Chairperson’s Remarks (house keeping details – exits, toilets, emergency procedures, etc). Chair’s guidelines about how the forum will be conducted and the questions for the candidates to address (candidate’s presentations, question/answer session, mix and mingle over supper).

7.10 pm 
Questions repeated and individual candidate’s responses commence:

  • Clive Antony – Central
  • Lindon Boyce – Innes
  • Pauline Cotter – Innes
  • Nigel Hau – Innes
  • Jake McLellan – Central
  • Cam Parsonson – Innes
  • Deon Swiggs – Central
  • Mark Wilson – Innes

8.25 pm 
Question and Answer – questions for individual candidates taken from the floor

9.05 pm 
Supper – Mix and mingle

Supplementary Organisation:

  • Venue layout – seating etc
  • Summary of questions to be projected on to screen – data projector, etc
  • Candidate’s seating and glasses of water, etc
  • Supper preparation
  • Decide who the forum chairperson will be
  • Timekeeping arrangements


Candidates questions and responses

Candidates will be allowed 7 minutes to respond to all of the questions and 1 minute to introduce themselves. The questions are designed to elicit from the candidates the responses to the various issues we are interested in so that we can judge, as an audience, how desirable and compatible the candidate will be towards meeting our needs

The Questions:

  • What have you identified as the specific areas of need in the continuing development of Christchurch City and how do you intend going about meeting those needs at Council level?
    (This question gives opportunity to include red zone plans, water provision, suburb infrastructure, development of a district plan, transport networks, social housing, etc.)
  • What is your vision of a desirable urban plan highlighting development for the Richmond suburb and how would you demonstrate your commitment towards working collaboratively with the community to implement that plan?
    (This question allows for thoughts covering the aspirations of the R.R.B.A., iCAN, Riverlution, and other community organisations.
  • What is your stance relating to future rate increases and how will you seek to restrain rates growth whilst maintaining a reasonable programme of expenditure for the city?
    (This question seeks to get a viewpoint on how the city finances will be managed and what effect the chosen management strategies will have on ratepayers.)

Q+A Session:

It is suggested that we set up a cellphone contact number on the night (a private phone could be used) to which people could text their question as they think of it. The telephone holder can monitor the calls and summarise the questions after prioritizing them and then relay them on to the candidates for their answers.

Alternatively we could just have an open session, taking sessions from the floor at random.