Minutes April 2020

May 23, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the meeting held through a Zoom link

Tuesday 28 April, 2020

Present: Committee: V.Ware (Chairperson), D.Duffy (secretary), M.James (treasurer), A.Crook, C.Given, H.Guglietta, A.Hart, J.McBride, G.Partridge. City Council: R.Faimolo (Central Ward), S.Holbrough (Papanui Ward). Residents: P.Beck, C.McClement.

Apologies: There were no apologies

Minutes of Previous Meeting  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  



Inwards: (received)

  • Peter Beck and Ann Kennedy – responses to Annual Plan submission
  • New member enquiry – Arthur Turner
  • Advice of Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board Representatives
  • Audra Given – thanks for Delta food donation promotion
  • Advice of Section 42A Report on Proposed Plan Change 7 to the CLWRP and Proposed Plan Change 2 to the WWRRP
  • Community Board newsletters

Outwards : 

  • Submissions to Council Wards
  • Enquiry re social housing to Otautahi Social Housing Trust sites.
  • Council re Perth St parking decision.



There was no financial activity to report. The treasurer is to prepare a report for the 2 Council Wards


Community Development Advisors’ Reports

As the new community development officer for the Central Ward, R.Faimolo was welcomed to the meeting. The meeting was advised that Sally Buck was standing down as chair of the Central Board. S.Holbrough informed the meeting that there was much discussion at Council level about reducing costs with the aim of reaching a 0% rates rise. It was speculated that this could affect funding application from the general public. The council made the decision to take the delegations to manage community infection and their delegation powers will be reviewed at level 2. 

Here is the link to the Council meeting where the decision was made.


We were also advised that the community boards will not be individually responding to the RRBA submission as the submission was addressed to council and not community boards.



Funding applications – after some discussion about what we would direct any funding gained from an application to it was moved by D.Duffy/V.Ware ‘that we give H.Guglietta and M.James permission to put together an application for funding from the C.C.C. Discretionary Fund (COGS, CIA) to employ a part time person to work in the fields of website management and as a researcher.


Membership contact list (Please delete comment – We don’t have any confirmation these people agree to be members, I think work needs to be done around official members and those who are just following, our mandate has clear instruction about what a member is and we don’t have this data) has now increased near 250. H.Guglietta and J.McBride have been busy canvassing businesses to gather information regarding opening hours and trading conditions during the Covid19 Level 3 period for publication in the We Are Richmond Website newsletter, web page and committee members to publicise. This as resulted in 160+- local businesses being identified and added to our directory. Hayley and Jen were thanked for their initiative in and getting this work done. It was also regarded as positive way of attracting members of the business community to the R.R.B.A.


Next steps to following up our submission to the Council – no acknowledgement of our submission had been received as yet. It was discussed that we should have a personal presence at the meeting when it is scheduled.

Proposed Council supported social housing developments – The CEO of Otautahi Social Housing had been contacted for clarification of housing sites in Richmond after the appearance of an article in the Star which indicated that the Council was granting a $25,000,000 loan to ‘projects in the north-east of the city. The secretary was asked to contact Garry Moore and his wife Jo to seek his views and to obtain some contact numbers where further information might be found. He was also requested to contact Jill Hawkey, (JillH@mmsi.org.nz) CEO, Methodist Mission Social Housing to renew contact with that group and to encourage community consultation over the proposed Guild Street complex project. Peter Beck was also able to give some insight and background information regarding the social housing scene.

Perth Street Parking Decision – the secretary had written to Jo Daly, Council Secretary, lodging this association’s objection to the Perth Street parking decision published on April 24. The objection was based on the course the consultation and submission process took and the decision itself. Copies were also sent to Councillors Jake McLellan, and Pauline Cotter. Both Councillors had replied expressing their support for our cause. 


General Discussion – these items were discussed and information shared. No decisions to act on them were taken.

  • The Tiny Houses project
  • Red Zone projects
  • Methodist Mission Housing vandalism at Linwood
  • Response to the questionnaire
  • Ownership of apartments in the complex at 58 Perth Street


The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.


Next meeting – 7.00 p.m. Tuesday, 26 May, 2020, at Avebury House

NB: our A.G.M. is scheduled for Tuesday, 23 June.