Minutes August 2019

Sep 4, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes from last Tuesday’s meeting.

Minutes for the meeting

held at Delta, North Avon Road Tuesday 27 August, 7.00 pm


Committee: V.Brown (chair), D.Duffy (secretary), M.James (treasurer), A.Crooks, C.Given, H.Guglietta, A.Hart J.McBride, G.Partridge
Council Representative: B.Coleman
Residents: R.Crawford, H.MacDonald, P.Milne, G.Cath
Housing New Zealand: R.Tye

Guest Speaker:Ian Burn – Director – Delta provided a  summary of the Community Programmes the Delta Centre is involved with and a tour of their new facilities

Apologies: P.Cotter (C.C.C.)

The minutes of the previous meeting (July 23) were accepted as a true and correct record – V.Brown/A.Crooks

Matters Arising: Nil

Inwards: (accepted)

  • N.Andrews re Dudley Creek planting  between Petrie St and Stapletons Rd

Outwards : (approved)

  • Hon Dr Megan Woods re the 6 month ‘get out clause’ hindering commitment to developmental programmes in the Red Zone in the Richmond Area
  • C.C.C. re arrival of decision to name 58 Perth St. Bing’s Lane
  • P.Cotter (C.C.C.) re Petition and consultation process for developing No 10 Shirley Road.


  • An account for Web Hosting ($120.00) was passed for payment: V.Brown/G.Partridge


  • Summer with your Neighbours – an application to hold an event at Petrie Park for the residents affected by recent road works in the Stapletons Rd, Randall St, Petrie St and Chrystall St on Sunday, November 3 has been sent in. Acceptance pending.
  • Presentation by Housing New ZealandSorenson Place development – Rae Tye from Housing New Zealand presented an update on housing projects in Alexandra St and Stanmore Rd near Swanns Rd. Work on the erection of a set of a two storey complex with eight 2-bedroom units has begun in Alexandra St and fourteen 1-bedroom units in a two storey complex are planned for Stanmore/Swanns. The time frame for this complex is October 2019-June 2020. There has been good interaction between the community groups and the residents at the Evelyn Cousins block and the community is thriving. There are no further developments planned for the Richmond area. The meeting was also informed of the new Government restructuring of Housing New Zealand which would be known as Kairanga Ora from October.
  • Election Forum Planning – it was agreed to hold a community election forum for the candidates sitting for positions on the Council for the Innes and Central Wards (8 candidates in all). This would take the form of preparing questions to present to the candidates, and giving them an opportunity to respond. Following this there would be a question and answer session followed by a ‘mingling’ period when candidates could meet residents on a one-to-one basis. Invitations were to be sent out to the candidates immediately for the event which was planned for our next monthly meeting date (September 24) at the Delta centre.
  • Roading/Dudley update – work continues to progress well on Randall St and Stapletons Rd. Several plants were stolen from the newly-landscaped intersections along Randall St but these will be replaced in the new planting season next year
  • Urban Plan update – David Duffy, Angela Hart and Craig Given have begun compiling a list of existing resources in the Richmond area and noting areas where development is needed. The meeting was advised that the new draft policy on urban planning would have significant impact on any ideas we may develop and the association was urged to study this draft and make a submission by October 10. This matter was left in the hands of Vicki Brown, Hayley Guglietta and Greg Partridge. The latter two were already familiar with time lines and possible implications through their work with iCAN.
  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week – V.Brown reported that Stanmore New World  have agreed to help us in the planning of a ‘clean-up’ event to be held on Saturday, September 14. Volunteers are being sought to help with a general clean up in Richmond Streets.

Other Items

  • H.Guglietta appealed for material for the We Are Richmond website – any information highlighting the ‘good things’ happening in Richmond, future events, etc would be welcome.
  • Two children attending the meeting presented a plea for improved equipment for Petrie Park. In their presentation they indicated that the present equipment was dated and less than challenging and lacking in variety. It was suggested that arrangements be made for the children to meet C.C.C. engineers to discuss their ideas.
  • After the approach to New Zealand Fire, a meeting has been arranged to try and solve the parking issues in Perth St. Greg Partridge will report back on progress made.
  • A. Hart was to contact the City Council regarding pavement/footpath damage in Warden St to identify who is responsible for the necessary repair work.
  • Thanks were extended to all those responsible for presenting the submissions etc regarding the regeneration plan for the Red Zone which culminated in the announcements made by Megan Woods at a ceremony held in the Red Zone last week.
  • The effectiveness of City Council surveys was discussed briefly. No conclusive action was decided.

The meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.

Next meeting – 7.00 p.m. Tuesday, 24 September at the Delta Centre (venue to be confirmed).