Minutes August 2022

Sep 5, 2022 | RRBA Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting held at Avebury House, Tuesday, 23 August, 2022


Present: D.Duffy (chair), M.James (treasurer)

Committee Members: C. Given, J. McBride

Secretary: R. Crawford
Residents: C. Doig, M. Adams, S. McPaike, C. Carter


Apologies: H.Guglietta, G. Partridge, P. Cotter, A. Davids, S. Holbrough


The Minutes of Previous Meeting were accepted.


Correspondence In: Nil


Correspondence Out: Nil


Finance: Payment has been made for Capacity Builder


Current Activity Reports


  • Roading update: Overhead wire problems continue with Nicholls/Dudley Street Road Repair Schedule. CCC will let RRBA know when there is progress. (D.Duffy)


  • Check progress of quote for wooden Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs.


  • Richmond Village Shops Sign–quote to be requested from Bromley Steel. Murray to send plan dimensions, then will request.


  • Tattoo Shop Mural Planting Tues 20 Sept 5-7pm.


  • Elections Coverage–Mural Painting/ with Mayoral Candidates 10 Sept, 1-3pm, 98 Vogel Street.


  • AGM guest speaker-potentially H. Guglietta could speak. 


  • Strengthening Communities Fund awarded $5000, COGS awarded $3500


  • Petrie Park community event/consultation Summer with your Neighbours application submitted.


  • Pareawa Banks Avenue Tree Planting 12/09 11am-1pm. Ask Shirley Intermediate to get involved. 


  • Recreation areas in Pareawa Banks Avenue School and Shirley Intermediate vicinity  were discussed. Bike park/community space/community hall/swimming pool reconditioned?


  • Shirley Community Reserve Activation Project – focus group, 31/08, 4–5pm, Shirley Freemasons Martin Biss Boardroom 9 Shirley Road. Committee members to attend to brainstorm the future use of this reserve.


  • Thank you to Cathy Allden for her hard work at the Richmond Community Garden.


  • New World Soft Plastics Recycling request progress..


  • RCAN (Richmond Community Action Network) Meeting 30 August 10:30-11:30am Avebury House

  • RRBA political neutrality. Devote energy to working with elected officials.
  • Voting campaign. Encourage the community to vote for local offices. Budget for election design and signs. 


  • RBK Public Statement discussion
    Motion to make a public statement on our website. Moved D.Duffy, seconded M.James – passed


“In response to the public statements made about the RRBA’s lack of support for the 

Riccarton Bush Kilmarnock statement to the Council, this committee wishes to point out

that the committee has already expressed its concerns about the implementation of the

Amended Resource Consent Act to the Council and, in that submission, highlighted

the negative effects of concentrated high density housing, the clearing of areas of existing vegetation and the loss of any heritage characteristics within the Richmond 

area. Given the time frame that the committee had to work on reacting to the proposal 

by the Riccarton Bush Kilmarnock group and the unavailability of a full working committee

at any one time to reach agreement on a reaction, and because we had already made our 

stance known, no further action was taken.

This has been misinterpreted as voting against the RBK submission. This is not the case.

We will continue to keep ourselves and the community informed of circumstances as they 

develop in the months ahead.

Rather than debate this case and foreseeable developments on social media

we respectfully request that residents should address their concerns by attending one of 

our monthly meetings or by writing directly to our secretary at secretary@wearerichmond.co.nz



We Are Richmond”



Next General Meeting: Tuesday Sept 27 – Richmond Club – 7.00 p.m.