Minutes February 2019

Feb 27, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Last night’s meeting was held in rather circumstances created by the violent incident in Evelyn Cousins Place which occurred just as our meeting was about to start. Some people had difficulty getting into the meeting as they sought to get away from the scene while others, intending to be present, were unable to get through the Police cordon.
The meeting went ahead with somewhat reduced numbers but we had difficulty keeping to the planned agenda as we sought to contain our emotions and cope with the diverting scene just 50m away from the building. Fortunately, everyone escaped unscathed.
Please find attached the minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 26 February.
We have vacancies for at least two new members to help what is becoming a bigger load of work as we strive to improve and work on a number of situations in the Richmond area. Can you devote some time to our cause? We would be keen to hear from you if you can.
The committee is proposing that the block of streets inside the four main commuter routes, (North Parade, Shirley Rd, Hills, North Avon Rd) be subjected to a reduced speed limit, either 30 k.p.h. or 40 k.p.h.
What do you think? Contact us with your views. You may also think that there are other streets in the Richmond area; eg, those streets south of North Avon Rd through to the river which should be included in the proposal. Please let us know your thoughts.
David Duffy.
Richmond Residents and Business Association.

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 26 February 2019, 7.30 pm


Present: Hayley Guiglietta (chairperson), David Duffy (secretary), Murray James (treasurer).
Committee Members: Craig Given, Ashley Crook,
Council Representatives:
Residents: Gillian Sheard, Rachel Crawford, Cathy Allden, Penny Milne, Greg Partridge. (17)

Apologies: Angela Hart, Vicki Brown, Alexandra Davids, Frank Williams.

NB: Some people intending to attend the meeting were prevented from doing so because of the creation of a Police emergency zone created by a violent incident about 5 minutes before the meeting was due to start.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and correct record. (H.Guiglietta/M/James)

Matters Arising: Any matters arising were included in the business below.




  • From Jenny Dalziel re resignation from committee.
  • From C.C.C. re Discretionary Response Fund Decision
  • From Peter Rodgers (C.C.C.) re River Rd/North Avon Rd traffic issues.
  • From C.C.C. re Edible Gardens Awards


  • North Avon/Stanmore Crossing – summary of information:
  1. The crossing is definitely staying where it is.
  2. In the interests of removing street clutter approaching the crossing, the sign post which had the Avalon St blue sign on it has been removed. (The sign should now be on the street light)
  3. The 2 x black arbor stands near the zebra poles are to go.
  4. Red surfacing is to go in at the crossing (alternating red/white stripes as below) and red at the diamond markings on approach.  This is on hold until these parts of the road are patched up, so the red surfacing can be done. The maintenance team these will have this done during this financial year (up to July 1)

    The meeting passed a vote of thanks to Gillian Sheard for her continuing work in this field.

  • Richmond W.M.C. – discussions have been held with the new manager who is keen to work with us as an association.
  • Heritage Trail – meetings will continue to clarify sites and prepare information for display boards, etc
  • Application for the CCC discretionary fund for admin costs
  • Grants have been received from the  Papanui/Innes Ward ($600.00) and the Central Hagley Ferrymead Ward ($4000.00) The following motions were passed:
    “That the $600.00 grant from Papanui/Innes Ward be accepted.” – C.Given/A.Crook
    “That the $4000.00 grant from Central/Hagley/Ferrymead Ward be accepted.” – H.Guiglietta/M.James. Both motions were passed unanimously.
  • Inner City Action Network (ICAN)/58 Perth St.) – The ICAN group continues to meet and a meeing has been set up by Bruce Coleman (C.C.C.) on March 20 to discuss long term urban plans for our city; building consent processes, type of housing, site regulations, education facilities, etc. Many of the areas of discontent have stemmed from the development of the property at 58 Perth St. The developers working at this site continue to cause concern as rules regarding building sites continue to be flouted: illegal parking of vehicles, noise issues, safety fences, dust issues are examples of the actions upsetting local residents.  
  • Dudley Creek Project/Richmond Roads – Committee members are to have an on-site meeting on Wednesday, 27 February. Good progress is being made on the Randall St work and the intersection stormwater work at Petrie/Randall and Chrystall/Randall. Committee members continue to press the Council to initiate a public meeting for the Richmond community to bring everybody up to date and provide information for what lies ahead in the immediate future.
  • Activity Trail – discussions are continuing with Council staff regarding the activity trail planned for a number of empty sites in the Richmond are
  • North Avon/River Rd concerns
    Cathy Allden has had an on-going discussion with the Council and has received a report about traffic flows and behaviour. More information is still required before definitive requests/decisions can be made
  • Enlivening Spaces Project
    The planning phase is back in our court with a request that we concentrate on the sites in Petrie Park and at No.10 Shirley Rd (see next item).
  • Discretionary Grant Fund Application
    The meeting decided to prepare an application for funding to finance a project developing the site at 10 Shirley Rd. This project is considering the installation of playground equipment, upgrading and improvement to landscape, installation of barbecue seating facilities, installation of seating and shelters and the creation of an infrastructure fund to cover administrative costs associated with the overall project. Discussions regarding design concepts.

General Business:

  • The resignation from J.Dalziel was accepted – moved: C.Given/A.Crook
  • The secretary was instructed to write to Dante Fyfe requesting clarity on his commitment to the committee.
  • Pop-Up Banner. It was moved M.James/H.Guiglietta that the committee purchases a Pull-Up Banner at a cost of $207.00. This would provide the Association with a readily identifiable contact point at public gatherings.
  • The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.

Next meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 26 March, at Avebury House