Minutes February 2023

Mar 14, 2023 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Pareawa Banks Avenue School, 7pm, Tuesday, 28 February, 2023


Committee Members: M. James, D. Duffy, R. Crawford, C. Carter, C.Given, H.Guglietta

Council Representatives: J. Miller, S. Holbrough

Visitors:  C. Doig, F. Browne, S. Eagle, T. Didham, B. Cooper, S. Jones-Poole, A. Given

Apologies:  J. McLellan, S. Holbrough, T. Burnside, S. Gautam, M. Adams

Minutes of Previous Meeting 


  • Contract payment – R.Crawford – $1350 January payment
    First Aid Course City First Aid $120
    Activating Community-led Change Workshop Waitaha | Canterbury–$79.35

Charities Services Filing fee $51.11

Monthly payment $150 to Richmond Community Garden noted. Passed to setup for Automatic payment, H. Guglietta/ M. James

Current Activity Reports

  • Richmond Gala 18 March. Managing organisations to participate in the children’s play area.
  • Alleway Mural progress report. Leah working on sculpture. Work in progress.
  • Petrie Park BBQ feedback. Progress report. Hotspot identified. Applications progress report. Intern resignation. 
  • Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs. Michelle painting.
  • Roading Report–Richmond Cycleway approved/grant of $80,000+.
  • Richmond Village Sign New cost analysis by Craig? Decision to be made by next meeting.
  • Walking Festival Tuesday 18 April 11am-12pm Adventure Avenue. Progress report held over to the next meeting.
  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison–Pool. Timeline established.
  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA Expression of Interest submitted 22 February.
  • Dudley Street starling faecal deposits. J. Miller–starling population option reduction possible.
  • Nau Mai Fiesta Postponed to Fri 3 March, We are Richmond to attend.
  • Rollover R.Crawford contract. Moved H. Guglietta/ M. James.
  • Avebury Park Playground renewal. Support. 
  • Avon Park Redevelopment–support?
  • Urban Forest Plan. H. Guglietta writing key themes.

General meeting concluded at 7:30pm

Next General Meeting: Tuesday 28 March– Location TBC – 7.00 p.m.