Minutes January 2019

Jan 25, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes of the meeting held at Avebury House on Tuesday, January 22.
You will note that the committee is acting on a number of fronts and involved in a lot of discussion with Council over the various issues. If you have ideas or viewpoints about any of the items in the minutes and you want your voice heard, please don’t hesitate to contact the secretary. There will be a public meeting in February at Shirley Primary School to bring everybody up to date on the North Richmond road repair programme and to give everybody a chance to contribute ideas.
As soon as the date is confirmed we will be in contact again.
David Duffy,
Richmond Residents and Business Association

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 22 January 2019, 7.30 pm

Present: Hayley Guiglietta (chairperson), David Duffy (secretary), Murray James (treasurer).
Committee Members: Angela Hart, Craig Given, Ashley Crook, Vicki Brown
Council Representatives: Jake McLellan, Stacey Holbrough, Jo Byrne, Pauline Cotter
Residents: Gillian Sheard, Ian Johnson Jen McBride, Louise Johnson, Evan Smith, Debra Crockett. (17)

Apologies: Jenny Dalziel, Helen MacDonald.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and correct record. (H.Guiglietta/M/James)

Matters Arising: Any matters arising were included in the business below.



  • From Jenny Dalziel re thanks for tidying up an area at No. 10 Shirley Rd.
  • From Kathleen Gishno, Casa Bambini, requesting time to talk to a future meeting about Casa Bambini’s planting plans in the area around the pre-school. Kathleen is to be invited to speak at the March 26 meeting
  • From Liz Morrison re street design in Stapletons Rd, off-street parking and pedestrian access. It was decided a personal visit to the address in question would be made by the secretary.


  • North Avon/Stanmore Crossing – during discussions it was suggested that there be a 40 k.p.h. speed limit be applied to all Richmond street except all of Hills Rd, North Avon Rd and Hills Rd and a part of Stanmore Rd within the Richmond R.R.&B. area. This will be proposed at a forthcoming public meeting to gain a district mandate.
  • Richmond Village – The pedestrian crossing issue is a continuing discussion within Council. The planter boxes have been installed along Stanmore Rd and there is  proposal to put more planters from the corner of North Avon Rd to the entrance of Richmond Village to replace the current dilapidated plots. Plans to install seats and paint the W.M.C. construction site fence are also being considered for future action. Committee members are continuing to establish a conversation with the Village shop owners.
  • Heritage Trail – discussions continue amongst the interested parties. Sites are being identified and information boards prepared. A cultural trail and a transitional trail are also being developed.
  • RRBA response to current regenerate plan – responses from this association have been sent in.
  • Website/Facebook site progress. – a series of home pages have been developed and these were displayed at the meeting – a target of late February to be online was hinted at.
  • Application for the CCC discretionary fund for admin costs an application has been made. However, because the Council received so many requests it has been held over until a meeting at the end of February when all requests will be considered. Our request has the support of the Councillors representing our wards.
  • Sutton House –  the chairperson is to invite a representative of the Sutton House group to speak at our next meeting to clarify a number of issues surrounding the state of the application and the consequences of opening the House to the public.
  • 58 Perth St. – A meeting of a group calling itself “Inner City Action Group” was held in late November. This group has been similarly affected in other parts of the city by the actions of Williams Corporation and they have met to present a united opposition to such building projects. Locally, the trees have been cleared at Perth St. Williams Corporation have applied for a couple of changes to the original plans. The Council indicated that the consent objections lodged would be referred to a Commissioner but then made an about turn on that decision. Subsequently, members of the Perth St residents’ group and the R.R.B.A. are to meet with John Higgins (C.C.C.) in late January.
  • Dudley Creek Project/Richmond Roads – good progress is being made on the repairs in Petrie Street and Stapletons Rd was finished on schedule in December. Further meetings with Council roading staff and R.R.B.A committee members are planned in the near future. A request is to be made to Council to seek clarification around the apparent lack of co-ordination for maintenance contracts along Dudley Creek.
  • Activity Trail – discussions are continuing with Council staff regarding the activity trail planned for a number of empty sites in the Richmond area
  • Petrie Park – consultation with Council staff has been started to formulate a plan for the Park which includes the Activity Trail, a bicycle track complex for younger children up to Yr 8 with the inclusion within an overall bicycle lane plan in North Richmond, and the planting of edible gardens.
  • Reports from the Council – Stacey Holbrough reported on a number of issues, many of which are accessible through the Council website: consultation for the yearly plan opens May 4th; the Cranford roading plan review following the receipt of all the submissions is now available; Council elections will be held in October.

General Business:

The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.

Next meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 26 February, at Avebury House