Minutes January 2020

Feb 20, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes from last Months meeting.



Minutes of the meeting held at Avebury House


7.00 p.m. – Tuesday 21 January, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Present: Committee: V. Ware, D.Duffy, M.James, A. Crook, H.Guglietta, A.Hart, G.Partridge. City Council: S.Holbrough. Residents: P. Milne, R.Crawford, B.Clarke

Apologies: C. Given, P.Cotter

Absent: Jen McBride

The minutes of the last meeting were not accepted as a true and correct record as they contained an inaccurate report of the activities associated with plans to improve Petrie Park. The secretary undertook to make the necessary correction and present the revised minutes at the next meeting



C.C.C. street planting maintenance

  • Pump track update
  • St. Albans Skate Park update

Incoming correspondence was accepted

Outwards :


There were no payments to pass. The reimbursement of expenses to D.Duffy for the costs associated with the Summer With Your Neighbours Event were to be followed up by S.Holbrough.


  • The meeting undertook a review of activities the Association was involved with in 2019 and decided what further actions to take leading into 2020.
  1. C.C.C. District Plan – H.Guglietta outlined a number of projects at various stages of development and negotiation as part of the ongoing work local groups are involved with as they work with City Council. Further discussion and updates are to be tabled on the agenda at the next meeting.
  2. Richmond Road Repair Programme. The North Richmond programme is underway with work having begun in Warden St. The Association will continue to monitor progress and maintain a working relationship with the Council Roading division and the contractor. Clarity is to be sought from the Council’s Central Ward representative regarding the work to be done on the roads in South Richmond. These include River Road, Poulton Ave, Medway St, Flesher Ave and others. C. Allden will continue to advocate for improvements to River Road. Mr Brian Clarke, a Poulton Ave resident, drew the attention of the Association to the plight of the trees in Poulton Ave which were suffering damage from vehicles being parked carelessly. He sought the support of the Association in presenting a case seeking protection for the trees by the Council. The Association agreed to assist by contacting the Council and passing on his request for protection for the trees in the form of roadside low-level barriers. Photographic evidence was to accompany the request and a long-term request for Poulton Ave to be included in any forthcoming road-repair programmes was to be included. Perth St issues continue to be monitored by G. Partridge and other Perth St residents. 
  3. Heritage Trail/Medway St Bridge reinstatement – no immediate action required but monitoring of progress will continue
  4. Dudley Creek Diversion Scheme – this was regarded as completed although some concern was expressed at the type of discharge into the river at Medway St. The Association will bring this to the attention of the Council.
  5. E.E.E. – ongoing finger on the pulse as the district seeks to confirm a ‘permanent’ inclusion in the S.B.H.S. and Avonside School zones.
  6. Urban Plan – the Association is working on a number of projects with Council (see items about the road repair programme, Petrie park upgrade, Richmond Village signage, mentioned elsewhere in these minutes) which all contribute to an overall urban plan. This multi-faceted approach will continue through the forthcoming year.
  7. No 10 Shirley Road – S.Holbrough advised the meeting that the Papanui/Innes Community Board was initiating a forum for all stakeholders in planning the future of this property to take place soon.
  8. Banks Ave School Facilities – discussions and actions to find a way for the school to arrange a viable management plan which would enable community use of the facilities in the north-east corner will continue in 2020
  9. Richmond Safe Cycling Route – discussions with Council staff will continue to through 2020 as we seek to implement a safe cycling route through the back streets of Richmond between the Palms and Fitzgerald Ave. Allied to this is a proposal to reduce the speed limit on all Richmond streets except the major commuter routes to 40 k.p.h. A SurveyMonkey questionnaire will be circulated via the website soon.
  10. Petrie Park – H.Guglietta and two local children, (Sylvia and Ruby) are making plans and arranging consultation with Council Parks/Recreation staff regarding an upgrade of park facilities.
  11. St.Albans Park skate park upgrade. The Association decided not to support any upgrade and would not be making a submission. Consultation is open until Monday 17 February 2020. For more information visit www.haveyoursay/284
  12. Submission PC7-455 on Plan Change 7 to the LWRP and/ or Plan Change 2 to the WRRP – this process continue.
  • Other items:
  1. V. Ware suggested we should we be promoting the “We Are Richmond” message more vigorously – a discussion followed.
  2. The meeting was advised that Council new contracts for the maintenance of suburban planting programmes, including Dudley Creek, would begin very soon and that regular maintenance of these areas should resume soon.
  3. The meeting was advised of a delay in the arrival of the Pump Track for No 10 Shirley Rd. This is now expected to be in place in March. Discussions regarding the painting of the table by Shirley Primary pupils is underway and should be carried out early in the school year. 


The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.