Minutes July 2019

Jul 25, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes from last Tuesday’s meeting.

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 23 July, 7.30 pm


Present: Hayley Guiglietta Vicki Ware (chairprerson), David Duffy (secretary), Murray James (treasurer)
Committee Members: Ashley Crook, Craig Given, Hayley Guglietta, Angela Hart
Council Representatives: Pauline Cotter, Deon Swiggs, Stacey Holbrough
Residents: Evan Smith, Rachel Crawford, Mark Wilson, Liz Morrison, Richard Sutton, Rachel Crawford, Paul and Jacqui Smith. (8)

Apologies: Greg Partridge

The meeting began with a presentation from our Guest Speaker:
Axel Wilke – Director – Senior Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner
ViaStrada Ltd – viastrada.nz

Topic: Parking Provisions within High/Medium Density Housing Areas

The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted– A.Milne, V.Ware

Matters Arising: Nil

Inwards – received

  • N.Andrews re Dudley Creek planting  between Petrie St and Stapletons Rd

Outwards – approved

  • E.Duncan – thanking her for her presentation at the A.G.M.
  • P.Cotter, D.Swiggs, B. Coleman – for their continued support of our association and attendance at the A.G.M.
  • S.Grublys – thanking him for his work with the Association in the planning and implementation of the road repair programme.
  • K.Mahoney – re time frames for Richmond Road Repair Programme
  • S.Holbrough – re early notification of intention to apply for a ‘Summer with your Neighbours ‘ event

Finance –  no financial activity recorded


RR&BA response to pump track submissions

  • The R.R.B.A. decided to make a submission supporting the installation of a temporary pump track. The submission was to be accompanied by the following concerns: (a) the inadequacies of the community engagement process which did not encourage collaborative planning;  the development of a longer term scope of community needs and what place the site at No 10 Shirley Rd has in any subsequent plan; consideration of the placement of a permanent pump track in MacFarlane Park as requested in the original submission; the quality of the surface on the temporary track regarding wear and noise issues.
  • It was noted that the Council had received about 40 submissions so far, most of which were in favour of the installation of the track

Feedback from Community Board Deputation on 58 Perth St name.

  • H.Guglietta reported back on the proceedings at the meeting. The name “Bing’s Lane” has been accepted and is now in the  consenting process.

Feedback from iCAN meeting and formal confirmation that RR&BA wishes to be  a member

  • It was agreed that the R.R.B.A. continues to support iCAN in its deliberations with the C.C.C. about housing density, compliance and district plan issues.

Update on the roading work in North Richmond 

  • The following work schedule has been confirmed by Kirsty Mahoney (Works Supervisor – C.C.C.): 

Stapletons Rd (Dudley-Randall) completed by 31 October, 2019

Warden St (Petrie-Chancellor) consultation July 2019, Construction commencing January 2020

Warden St (Chancellor-Hills) consultation July 2019, Construction commencing September 2020

Six projects to have scheme investigation and design work commencing October, 2019, consultation with community April 2020, project work between January 2021 and June 2022 – includes Warden St (#104-Shirley Rd), Petrie St (North Avon-Randall), Chrystal St (North Avon-Randall), Nicholls St, Dudley St (Slater-Stapleton), StapletonRd (Warden-Shirley) 

Request to be made to the CCC to address icy conditions on the Chancellor and Guild Street foot bridges.

  • S.Holbrough (Papanui/Innes Community Board) has passed concerns on for action by the Council.

Community BBQ / Event idea for the completion of the Stapletons / Randall / Petrie road works in late Sept/Oct.

  • Consultations, discussions about and preparation of an application for such an event has begun (David Duffy/Craig Given)

Discussion of the idea of a survey for the entire Richmond area with regards to roading speeds, accessibility (cycling etc) and other transport needs.

  • Ideas discussed included ways in which to communicate with community to present some research findings and other background information, how to facilitate a successful community survey, settings in which the issue can be discussed with the community. The place of the speed limits and other traffic considerations in the overall long term plan for the Richmond area.
  • Committee members were to continue discussing strategies and possible actions before rushing into sending out a survey 

Letter of Support for Local Groups seeking to develop transitional use programmes in the Red Zone

  • Evan Smith requested a letter from the R.R.B.A. seeking support for the deletion of the 6-month clause in the 5 year lease arrangements being offered to groups who have begun or whom are planning transitional programmes in the Red Zone. These groups include Riverlution, the Banks Avenue School project near Dudley Creek, 183 Trust, etc.
  • The secretary agreed to prepare a draft letter to send to Mr.Smith for editing and adding relevant detail with outcome that the finished letter will be sent to the M.P. (Megan Woods) who has this issue within her portfolio.

 Suggestions for speakers at our forthcoming meetings.

  • The following possible guest speakers were suggested: Ian Burn (Delta Trust), candidates in the Papanui/Innes and Central/Hagley wards for the forthcoming local body elections, Jason Notman (Red Zone security), local neighbourhood association representatives.

Next  General Meeting – 7.00 p.m. Tuesday, 27 August, at Avebury House