Minutes November 2018

Nov 28, 2018 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everybody,

Please find attached the minutes of our last meeting held Tuesday, 27 November.
David Duffy.
Richmond Residents and Business Association.

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 27 November 2018, 7.30 pm


Present: Hayley Guiglietta (chairperson), David Duffy (secretary), Murray James (treasurer).
Committee Members: Angela Hart, Craig Given, Ashley Crook, Vicki Brown
Council Representatives: Bruce Coleman
Residents: Greg Partridge, Fiona Margetts, Cathy Allden, Gillian Sheard, Ian Johnson Jen McBride (14)

Apologies: Alexandra Davids, Jenny Dalziel, Dante Fyfe, Sutton House representative.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and correct record. (A.Hart /A.Crook)

Matters Arising: Any matters arising were included in the business below.


  • From Frazer Benson NZHC, indicating that he is keen to come and talk with us about housing matters – action: an invitation will be extended to Frazer.

Heritage Trail

  • Hayley Guiglietta reported that meetings between interested parties continue and that the next meeting was to be held on 9 December. Signage for the trail is nearly ready and it is hoped that the agreement for permanent signage will be signed off soon. A link with the Canterbury University database is providing useful information and access to local stories.

Village Streetscape

  • Cathy Allden has been co-ordinating some community planting work
  • The planter boxes for Stanmore Rd are arriving soon and should be installed and planted before Christmas
  • Angela Hart accepted the responsibility of continuing to liaise with the Village Shopping Community prioritising communication and possible future projects
  • The contingencies surrounding the siting of the noticeboard need further working through before a site decision can be made.

Response to Regenerate Plan

  • The meeting decided to submit a response on the draft Otakaro Avon River Corridor Plan. The submission would support the draft Submission from Avon Otakaro Network, and add some details about desired specific items within the Richmond area, and endorse the Avon Otakaro comments regarding governance and management.

Application for a discretionary budget

  • Murray James reported that an application has been made to the Community Boards (Papanui/Innes and Hagley/Central/Linwood) for funding. This is waiting final acceptance by the Council.

R.R.B. Association Website

  • Some technical issues are currently being worked through but progress towards publication continues.

Sutton House Project

  • Ian Johnson (a Harvey Terrace resident) expressed concern about the lack of information regarding the Sutton House project. It was decided to invite a representative from the Project group to our next meeting to present an up to date report.


  • A general worry about the increasing local petty crime rate was expressed. A 40% increase was quoted.
  • Avebury House associates will undertake to co-ordinate some public information sessions from groups like Neighbourhood Watch, etc

Perth Street Housing

  • Greg Partridge presented a report updating the current situation including various communications between residents and Council staff over compliance and land density issues.
  • A meeting of a number of community groups in Christchurch concerned with the same issues is to be held at Avebury House on Wednesday, November 28. These issues include the interpretation of the District Plan, Airbnb compliancy, governance, and compliance, housing density zoning.
  • Contact has been made with The Press who will be following the developments on this subject

Lower North Avon Road/River Road

  • The Council has responded to the request that they will be addressing the drainage and traffic issues in this area. The drainage problem area is to be surveyed and a working plan devised, and traffic counters, which also record speed, will be installed.

Dudley Creek Regeneration Plan

  • Concern has been expressed about the lack of maintenance on the creek/stream banks. They appear to be overgrown in some places with invasive weeds. There appears to be a need for education in some areas where weeds are deliberately left to provide a sheltered environment for the new plants. However, there are other areas where immediate weeding is desirable.
  • Parks staff will be approached to address these concerns and to suggest that a sub-contract arrangement be adopted so that local people can maintain the planted areas. Craig Given also suggested a working bee might address the immediate problem.

Road Remediation Programme

  • Work at Stapletons Rd should be finished before Christmas and work gangs have begun work in Petrie/Randall St. This latter work will become a priority from January 14.
  • Favourable reports have been received from local residents about the approachability of the contractors
  • David Duffy and Craig Given are to meet with the Council staff to discuss the next parts of the remediation plan – Stapletons Road (Randall to Dudley) and Warden St Stapletons to Petrie)

Richmond Activity Trail

  • Hayley Guiglietta and Craig Given presented a video which formed a part of the submission made to the City Council relating to the establishment of a Richmond Activity Trail. Initially, the trail encompasses a possible 13 sites where a golf ‘pitch and putt’ activity is the focus. Each location will have visual features highlighting the heritage of the area. It is envisaged that the trail will start and finish at a business site and provide a community heritage walk.
  • Banks Avenue School have a group researching the history of places and people within the area.
  • The Council and the Association representatives are now in the next discussion phase fine tuning the feasibility and local governenment requirement elements. Initial response from the Council is that they are definitely interested in realising this plan. Responses from those attending the meeting was positive and enthusiastic.

The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.

Next meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 18 December, at Avebury House