Minutes November 2019

Jan 18, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes from last Tuesday’s meeting.

Minutes from the meeting held at Avebury House

Tuesday 26 November, 2019

The meeting opened with a presentation from our guest speaker, Martin Hadlee who spoke about the proposed Eden Project. He outlined the scope of the project and presented a slide show and a video to support the information which included site plans, funding options, functions and activities proposed, and benefits to the immediate environment and surrounding areas which encompassed local suburbs, the city and the country. His presentation was followed by a q/a session. Further information can be gained about the Eden Project at www.edenprojectnz.co.nz

Meeting Minutes

Present: Committee: V.Brown (chairperson), D.Duffy (secretary), M.James (treasurer).

Committee members: Ashley Crook, Craig Given, Hayley Guglietta, Angela Hart, Greg Partridge.

Representing the Council: Pauline Cotter, Stacey Holbrough.

Residents: Patrick Boland, Rachel Crawford, Kelly Hinkley, Sylvia James, Wendy Preston

There were no apologies.

Absent: Jen McBride

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and correct record on the motion of Angela Hart/Ashley Crookes. Any matters arising were tabled in general business.



  • Replies from Geoff Siave – Principal Shirley Intermediate School;
  • Toni Burnside – Principal Banks Avenue School
  • Ministry of Education
  • Councillors Pauline Cotter and Jake McLellan (see report below in meeting agenda business)

Outwards :

  • Letter to Simon Cruikshank, Ministry of Education – Property Manager;
  • Pauline Cotter – Christchurch City Council – Innes Ward;
  • Jake McLellan – Christchurch City Council – Central Ward;
  • Geoff Siave – Principal Shirley Intermediate School;
  • Toni Burnside – Principal Banks Avenue School
  • Letter to Jake McLellan – Parking plan issues for Perth Street.
  • Letter to Stanmore New World thanking them for their support for Summer with your Neighbours event.


Payments passed for payment:

  • D.Duffy to cover Summer With Your Neighbours Event = $97.46. This payment was to be made after the City Council funding had been received.


  • Summer with your Neighbours event review – this event was deemed to have been a success in spite of extremely high temperatures and a moderate turn
    out. It achieved what it had set out to do. Other Summer With Your Neighbours events planned are Vogel Street (Hayley Guglietta), Stapletons Road (Rachael
    Crawford), Aldersley Street (Vicki Ware).
  • Submission PC7-455 on Plan Change 7 to the LWRP and/ or Plan Change 2 to the WRRP – H.Guglietta had submitted a submission containing the views of
    the Association.
  • Update on road repair programme and future plans. The following programme was relayed to the meeting:
    Under Contract:
    • Warden Street from Petrie to Chancellor
    •  Warden Street from Chancellor to Hills
    This work will begin in January, 2020
    Current scheme design & review of the next six streets:
    • Petrie Street from North Avon to Randall
    • Chrystal Street from North Avon to Randall
    • Warden Street from *102 Warden to Shirley
    • Nicholls Street from North Avon to Dudley
    • Dudley Street from Slater to Stapletons
    • Stapletons Road from Warden to Shirley
    This work will go through the planning and consultation process in 2020 and commence in 2021

    The table below outlines the roading programme to complete the repairs of all North Richmond roads. It will be funded partly by the extra Government grant of $40M. This programme will commence after the works outlined above have been completed.

    STREET/ROAD FROM TO 31/10/2019 R.R.T.R. Priority
    Chancellor St Julius Shirley 6
    Julius Terrace all 10
    Slater Street North Avon Dudley 12
    Slater Street Warden Shirley 15
    Stapletons Rd North Avon Randall 16
    Guild Street Hills Chancellor 8
    Slater Street Culvert Guild 13
    Averill Street Stapletons Petrie 2
    Averill Street Petrie North Parade 3
    Chancellor St Guild Warden 4
    Chancellor St Warden Culvert 5
    Chrystal Street Randall Averill 1
    Dudley Street Hills Slater 7
    Petrie Street Averill Warden 11
    Slater Street Guild Warden 14
    Guild Street Chancellor end 9

    The consultation and planning process for this programme is likely to start in 2021 and get under way in 2022.
    It was recommended that we write to the Central Ward Councillor, Jake McLellan, to get an indication of what works were planned south of North Avon Road in the Richmond area.

  • Submissions to Council (Central) re traffic movements/parking in Perth St/Alexandra St – Greg Partridge presented submissions on behalf of the R.R.B.A. on November 25. The Council has agreed to look further into the matter and was to hold a public seminar on December 4

  • Discussions regarding cycle movements in the greater Richmond area – a proposed safe cycling route was proposed and the idea presented to the meeting. The initial plan has been presented to Sarah Cooper of the Cycle Planning Council who was enthusiastic and was to present the plan to Kirsty Mahoney the Council roading supervisor.

  • Update on beginning of discussions about the future use of the gymnasium and associated facilities on the Banks Avenue School site.
    Meetings have been 
    held with the Chairperson of the Banks Avenue School Board and correspondence is on-going between this association, the two schools, our councillors and the Ministry of Education.

  • Update on Petrie Park – Plans are being prepared and negotiated for a landscaping improvement at Petrie Park. This would involve updating and improving the playground equipment and implementing some extensive planting plans. Submissions have been made by Hayley Guglietta on behalf of the Riverlution group for this work to be go ahead.

  • H. Guglietta explained to the meeting that she was acting in a private capacity with regard to the forthcoming court sessions addressing the issues involving Deon Swiggs and she was not acting for this association.

  • Format for our December 17 meeting – it was decided not to hold a meeting on December but to arrange a more ‘social’ event at 5.00 p.m. on January 8 at Avebury House.

  • The meeting was informed that Bruce Coleman, our Council liaison person with the Central Ward was retiring at the end of the year. A replacement is yet to be appointed.

The meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.