Minutes October 2018

Oct 24, 2018 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached the minutes of the Richmond Resident’s and Business Association meeting held at Avebury House on Tuesday, October 23.
Over the 24 hours following the meeting we have:
  • approached a lawyer for comment and analysis of the 58 Perth St proposal 
  • circulated all the details regarding the proposal to the Perth St residents 
  • drafted a letter to Williams Corporation seeking a conversation
  • established a line of communication with Council about the concerns expressed by Lower North Avon Rd residents
  • continued conversations with the Council about the noticeboard and the planter boxes.
  • contacted Council about some Dudley Creek planting care and maintenance issues.
Thank you to the Council representatives for their attendance and support at the meeting and a thank you too to the Perth St residents who came and presented their concerns in such a reasoned and reasonable way.
David Duffy.
Richmond Resident’s and Business Association 

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 23 October 2018, 7.30 pm


Present: Hayley Guiglietta (chairperson), David Duffy (secretary), Murray James (treasurer).
Committee Members: Angela Hart, Craig Given, Ashley Crook
Council Representatives: Pauline Cotter, Deon Swiggs, Bruce Coleman
Residents: Richard Phillips, Sarah Vivian, Renee Blackburn, Brittany Cuttan, Ryan Daniels, Rachel Crawford, Rachel Thwaites, Helen Macdonald, Evan Smith, Graham Kroll, Fiona Margetts, Cathy Allden, Greg Partridge, Carol Duggan, Brian Wyatt, G.D.Cath. (25)

Apologies: Sally Buck, Alexandra Davids, Vicki Ware, Stacey Holbrough, Jenny Dalziel

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and correct record. (A.Crook/A.Hart)

Matters Arising: Any matters arising were included in the business below.


  • Richmond Village Shopowners and Landlords re upkeep and maintenance of environment


  • Cathy Allden re Lower North Avon Road flooding, speeding cars, etc
  • Greg Partridge re Williams Corporation proposal to build at 58 Perth St.
  • Janine Sowerby (C.C.C.) re availability of planter boxes for Stanmore Rd.
  • Deon Swiggs (C.C.C.) re information about 58 Perth St.


  • Heritage Trail – Hayley Guiglietta reported that meetings between interested parties continue.
  • Richmond Village – letter sent to landlords and shopowners – no responses received yet.
  • The application for Neighbourhood Street Party Funding has been declined.
  • Application has been made to the Community Boards for funding for a discretionary budget.
  • A noticeboard has been offered to the Association. It was decided that the best site was on the Richmond Green opposite the New World Supermarket.
  • A summary of the Public meeting held at Shirley Primary School on October 2 was presented to the meeting by Craig Given. The Transport Network Treatments document presented at the meeting was circulated.
  • Evan Smith (Avon/Otakaro) presented a document detailing a Neighbouring Communities Engagement Process and sought the associations endorsement. This was granted.
  • Association reports detailing what the association had accomplished in its first 6 months have been sent to the City Council Papanui/Innes, and Linwood/Central/Heathcote Community Boards.
  • Discussion was held regarding the availability of funding (up to $30.000) from the City Council for community enhancement projects. Suggestions included:
  • Funding towards the landscaping of Stanmore Rd from Richmond Village to London St using the planter boxes available from the Council
  • Development of the noticeboard site
  • Repair work on the alley fence (Vogel St/Evelyn Couzins Ave) and then BBQ on the front lawn of Avebury Park
  • The meeting was advised that a dedication ceremony to mark the installation of the Medway footbridge memorial is to be held on October 28 at 6.00 p.m.

A group of residents presented their concerns about the proposed development by Williams Corporation at 58 Perth St. These concerns included:

  • The level of population intensity
  • The detrimental effect on the current environment
  • The removal of large mature trees and the lack of space for any vegetation in the plan
  • The effect on the narrow street when extra cars will make progress difficult in either direction particularly for emergency vehicles
  • The lack of an ability to be consulted about the plans
  • The apparently arrogant attitude of Williams Corporation towards anybody who approaches them to engage in a conversation

Following this a number of suggestions were made for following this matter through to the next stage:

  • Preparation of a submission to the full City Council on November 1
  • Finding a lawyer who could act pro bono to investigate the resource application process and to verify the veracity of the details within
  • A letter from the Association to Williams Corporation seeking a meeting to discuss the project
  • Establishing contact with a number of agencies/people who could support our case and provide some publicity and pressure for a change.

Lower North Avon Road/River Road – Cathy Allden spoke to her letter referring to resident’s concerns in this area. These included:

  • Speeding traffic in an area where there is a pre-school and young children residing
  • Drainage problems
  • General neglect of a road and footpath which is a busy commuter route

The meeting expressed support and these matters will be followed up with the City Council. It was pointed out that ‘red zone’ land is not part of the Council’s responsibilities but they are aware of the problems and are keen to facilitate any work if they can.

Sutton House Plan – the Council has received feedback on the published plan. This plan has a number of processes to go through before being finalised and the objections raised by residents have been noted. The Association requested that it be involved with the Trust Board in any future planning.

  • Website/Facebook site progress.
  • Using the neighbourhood money to do the alley fence and then BBQ on the front lawn of Avebury Park


Next meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 27 November, at Avebury House