Minutes September 2018

Sep 26, 2018 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached two documents:
  1. The minutes of the meeting held at Avebury House on Tuesday, September 25
  2. Notice of a Richmond Community meeting with the City Council at Shirley Primary School at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2

David Duffy.
Richmond Residents and Business Association

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 25 September 2018, 7.30 pm


Present: Chairperson: Hayley Guglietta, Secretary: David Duffy
Committee: Ashley Crook, Vicki Ware, Jenny Dalziel, Angela Hart
City Councillors/Community Board Members: Pauline Cotter, Stacey Holbrough
Residents: Gillian Sheard, Jen McBride

Apologies: Murray James, Dante Fyfe, Craig Given, Bruce Coleman

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and correct record: V.Ware/J.Dalziel                  

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


Inwards. Nil

Outwards Nil

The Association’s Constitution was ratified on the motion of J.Dalziel/V.Ware. The Constitution will now be forwarded to the M.B.E.I.

Committee Member Reports:


  • Richmond Village Planting.  – planning and implementation are underway and the work is expected to be carried out in 2 weeks time
  • Website. Jen McBride presented some design work to be incorporated in the new website. A list of priorities was discussed: including publishing the Constitution, a procedure to enable prospective members to join the Association, etc.
  • Heritage Trail – Another meeting of interested groups is scheduled for 14 October to discuss how to link the trail as it progresses through the various areas out to the sea.
  • N.P.D. Report – this was a non-notifiable building consent and there was very little the Association could do to object to it going ahead. Repeated attempts to start a discussion with the owner, Richard Pebbles had failed.


  • Meetings have been held with City Council staff to plan the Public meeting to be held at Shirley Primary on October 2. A list of target topics including progress on the Dudley Creek scheme, roading reconstruction and repair plans within the North Avon, North Parade, Shirley Hills Road block and the future of No 10 Shirley Road site has been prepared and these will be addressed at the meeting.
  • Another set of meetings have been started with Council staff to commence the development of an urban plan for the Richmond Area. Community consultation will commence with a presence at the Boot Sale at the Community Garden on Sunday, September 30 and a workshop at the public meeting on October 2


  • Keep N.Z. Beautiful – 6 people attended a clean up project along Stanmore Road. 6/7 bags of rubbish were collected
  • The managership of the R.W.M.C. is about to change and discussions regarding the painting of a mural on the building site fence have come to a halt in the meantime.
  • Bruce Coleman and Stacy Holbrough are to talk to manager about this.

Richmond Village  – the state of the carpark is again causing concern. Rubbish Bins are owners responsibility but they are not emptying them. H.Guiglietta was appointed to liase with landlords, business owners and Council over these issues to ensure that there was uniformity in the conveyance of concerns and subsequent actions.

Edible Garden Award – On behalf of Bruce Coleman, Stacey Holbrough presented information about the Edible Garden Award competition, a City Council initiative for 2019.

The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.

Next meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 23 October at Avebury House