Minutes April 2023

May 3, 2023 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Avebury House

Tuesday, 25 April, 2023



Committee Members:  D. Duffy, C. Carter, R. Taylor, R. Crawford, C. Given, H. Guglietta

Council Representatives: 

Visitors:  B. Allen, E. van Bruchem, L. van Bruchem

Apologies:  S. Holbrough, M. James, W. Robinson, J. McClellan


Minutes of Previous Meeting 


  • Contract payment – R.Crawford – $2940 March payment. H. Guglietta/C. Carter

Major Item 1. 

  • DIA/ Dot Matrix results from events. Community Survey. Next steps.

Major Item 2: 

  • Petrie Park rejuvenation project progress. 

Current Activity Reports

  • Richmond Village Sign – Quote accepted from Speedy signs. $3,519.00 Letter prepared for circulation amongst business operators to fill sign slots. Large sign – 1m x 0.8m = $490 GST inc. Small sign – 1m x 0.36m = $330.00 GST inc.
  • Walking Festival Adventure Avenue Wander Feedback.
  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison – Consultation, preparation continues.
  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – Further community consultation underway.
  • Dudley Street No further action.
  • Petrie Park–Study on Land use changes at Petrie Park. Discuss RRBA’s sharing process.
  • Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs. Second copy being made for Swanns Rd. 
  • Roading Report –  No further news.
  • Rollover R.Crawford’s contract. Contract signed. 
  • Urban Forest Plan. H. Guglietta writing key themes. 
  • Richmond Club Family Fair-R. Crawford feedback Sections discussions.
  • Local Art Show in Richmond one day? 
  • Dark Streets–Partially red-zoned streets dark at night.


General meeting concluded at 8:20pm


Next General Meeting: Tuesday 23 May – Riverlution Eco Hub 46A Vogel Street – 7.00 p.m.