Minutes April 2024

Apr 29, 2024 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting to be held at Avebury House

Tuesday, 23 April 2024




Committee Members: C. Carter, C. Given, D. Duffy, M. James, R. Crawford


Council Representatives: R. Davidson, J. McLellan, S. Holbrough

Residents: A. Button, G. Sole

Apologies: H. Guglietta, E. van Bruchem, L. van Bruchem, P. Cotter, M. Adams

  • Minutes from Previous Meeting:

26 March 2024 (M. James, C. Carter)

  • Correspondence:

  • Finance:


Current account balance: $79,135.67

Funding Remaining

CCC Parks (Petrie Park)  $

DIA COGS (Wages and Operations) $

CCC 2023 (Wages Operations and Projects) $

Funding secured

$20, 000 Better off Funding for Petrie Park

$15,000 Lottery Communities (wages)

Funding Applications underway 

DIA COGS (due 15 May)

DIA Petrie Park 

Funding Application complete:
CCC Strengthening Communities Fund–requested $18,500


Money In

  • $20,000 – Better Off Funding (Petrie Park)
  • $15,000 – Lottery Community (Capacity Builder Wages)


Money Out:

  • $3960 – March Contract payment – R. Crawford
  • $525 – B. Allen March Invoice (Petrie Park)
  • $150 – Riverlution Hub Rent March (automatic monthly payment)
  • $603.75 – Inspiring Communities CLD Micro Credential Course (Capacity Builder)


A total of $5238.75 to be paid  (M. James, C. Carter)

  • Updates on Current Working Groups:


ROADING- Nicholls Street and Dudley Street construction underway. Further works on Dudley Street to be started. Stapletons Rd complete–there was a positive contractor and resident relationship. 30 km/h speed reduction across Northern Richmond successful. Changes in South Richmond may be delayed. Cycleway project–Northern Richmond portion may be completed with CRAF funding. Intersection upgrades.
Landscaping on Averill Street to be completed.

Nicholls Street construction: issue with new footpath levels undulating because of the need to protect existing tree roots.. 



  • Matariki in the Zone– 29 June. Volunteers needed to put lights up in trees the week before Matariki, and taken down the week after. Funding sponsorship requests in Richmond community. “We are Richmond” will be working with The White Room on this year’s Ururangi decoration. Leah Fraser Henderson will add metalwork to her tree display every year. Asking for funding sponsorship in the community.


  • Te Oraka Shirley Intermediate Liaison – M. James–Project Control Group formed from Pool Restoration Committee. They are exploring possibilities of completing the project with a lower budget in a timely manner. Scope of project and basic costs of getting it operational by Nov 2024 approximately $350,000 but need further quotes and investigation..
    M. Adams (Presiding Member, Te Oraka Shirley Intermediate Board of Trustees) will no longer come to “We are Richmond” meetings as a working relationship has now been established through the Pool Restoration Committee.


  • RCAN (Richmond Community Action Network) Meeting– next meeting 11 June at Delta Community Support Trust


  • Design and Website Maintenance – Pixel Space. Contract created.


  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – Petrie Park





  • Petrie Park – Working together with the Urban Forest Team to create a collaborative community engagement plan together.. Future planting sessions will occur in winter (will notify the community once these dates are established and create community planting events).


  • Swanns Rd/ Stanmore Rd Parklet– Weedathon was successful. To meet with David Hollander in next few weeks regarding Richmond historical information to put on display boards here.




  • Richmond Village Sign – “We are Richmond” sign being fabricated and to be installed by Speedy Signs.




  • Capacity Builder Contract Conversation – work in progress.


  • Avon-Otakaro Network Updates and Riverlution Updates – Riverlution and Richmond Community Garden won Kumara Award last week for “Caring For the Land, Caring For the People.”  Bioblitz this Friday 26 April https://fb.me/e/3R4Cyu55r 

Avon Otakaro Hui Network at Turanga 30 May. Mother of All Cleanups 11 May https://fb.me/e/1UsJTBidv. City to Sea Pathway: H. Guglietta met with Project Manager to ensure good access to our community’s various projects to work with the contractor around our upcoming events.


  • The future of We Are Richmond Moving towards reinstatement as an Incorporated Society –  New membership rules discussed by D. Duffy

Do we want to stay as an incorporated society?
CCC only funds up to $2000 for non-incorporated societies/ groups
Membership should be established before the next AGM–want to become a member? 

Motion: “That we create a membership list using mail merge through our current email contact list to Create a Membership list merge”. (C. Carter, D. Duffy)


  • Bank account. R. Crawford advised not to be added as signatory to RRBA bank account by US tax accountant, based on US tax obligations. 


  • Charities Services Annual Return–due before 30 September 2024

  • Council Update:


Long Term Plan–about 7000 applicants received
If We are Richmond wants to speak at Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board Meeting, contact S. Holbrough or Mark Saunders for a five minute slot at the next meeting on 9 May at 4pm in the Papanui Library Board Room

  • General Business:


Developing community issues of safety and begging. 

The issue was discussed. “We are Richmond” will make a public statement. Possibly contact other communities that have imposed a liquor ban.


Retreat Road closure. To be discussed at next meeting

  • Action Points:

  1. Guglietta: Monthly financial spreadsheet

R.Crawford: Installation of Village Sign

R.Crawford: Capacity Builder/W.A.R. Task Matrix 2024 assessment and 2024/25 Work Plan with


M.James: North Avon Road weeding

D.Duffy/C.Given: Presentation of representation to Papanui Community Board providing background

to L.T.P.. item about Richmond roads.

D.Duffy/R.Crawford: to set up mail merge system ready to send out revised membership forms in


R.Crawford: progress on design and website contract

H.Guglietta/B.Allen: Updated Petrie park report

R.Crawford/D.Duffy: Prepare letter to Delta, New World, Richmond Club, Gull, NPC, to suggest putting in place a Stanmore Road liquor ban which may help alleviate the concerns about begging.

R.Crawford/D.Duffy: contact Paul McMahon to discuss experiences about imposing a liquor ban.

D.Duffy: Prepare article re begging for RCN – June issue.

  1. van Bruchem: Living Streets Sign followup


Meeting concluded at 8:47pm


Next meeting to be held Tuesday 28 May 7-9pm, Avebury House