Minutes August 2023

Aug 28, 2023 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Avebury House 9 Eveleyn Couzins Avenue

Tuesday, 22 August, 2023



Committee Members:  M. James (Guest Chairperson), R. Crawford, R. Taylor, H. Guglietta, C. Given, L. van Bruchem 

Visitors: E. van Bruchem, W. Robinson, P. Gledhill, M. Sleigh, E. Rowling, O. Clark

Apologies: D. Duffy, S. Holbrough, P. Cotter, M. Adams, B. Allen


Minutes of Previous Meeting  Accurate record of June meeting (R. Taylor/H. Guglietta)


Guest speakers from Geography 309 Project Group

This group spoke about their University of Canterbury Geography 309 Project for Richmond/Avondale. They will research how communities and well-being in areas adjacent to the red zone have been impacted by the earthquakes. They are hoping to put out surveys and conduct door-knocking in the community.



Current account balance $57, 775.13


Money In


  • $330 Richmond Village Sign – North Avon Fish Fry
  • $490 Richmond Village Sign – Bin Inn
  • $4000 COGS (Community Organisation Grants Scheme)
  • $12,250.00 Papanui-Innes-Central Strengthening Communities Fund
  • $1500 The Richmond Club (Gaming Machine Funds for Matariki Tree Sculpture Light Display/L. Henderson)


Money Out


  • $1343.59 L. Henderson Matariki Light Display
  • $1260 June Contract payment – R.Crawford
  • $180 July Contract payment – R. Crawford
  • $900 B. Allen June/July Invoice 
  • $150 Riverlution Hub Rent July
  • $150 Riverlution Hub Rent August


Current Activity Reports


  • Petrie Park – Publicity panel details. Community board briefing. Further investigation into the quality of soil. In general conversation, the prospect of engaging an intern for the summer season to explore community need and the matter in which it may be best serviced was raised and is generally supported. 

  • Richmond Village Sign – Waiting for final payment of 3 invoices and artwork to proceed. Hope to complete within the next few weeks.


  • Richmond Village Carpark – No update.


  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison – No update.


  • Roading Report – C. Given. Nicholls/Dudley street works imminent. Sealing to be completed in warmer weather months. Dudley Street to be built up to a higher level to protect tree roots. Sealed paths and other works to be started on Stapletons Rd (near Shirley Rd). Road Safety/Cycle Routes next year. Roadside reserve and landscape areas maintenance has improved in the area. Also refer to notes by D.Duffy at the end of this document.


  • #chchswing–Gap Filler – Request made to relocate swings to Petrie Park. M.James


  • Dark Streets – No update.
  • Dudley Street – Dialogue continuing with Council in an effort to find a solution
  • Matariki – Feedback suggests the RRBA/White Room tree needs additional work. Reach out to involved groups earlier March/April. 
  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – Further community consultation underway. Responses received online.
  • Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs. Signs painted. Waiting for graffiti coating spray. Hoping to install at Swanns Road parklet  within next few weeks.
  • Swanns Road Working Bee– Saturday 26 Aug 10am-1pm, Wednesday 6th Sept 10am-1pm
  • Elections– Reinstate last year’s signs after September meeting. Post information about candidates online.
  • Spring Fair– Saturday 21 October. RRBA’s involvement was discussed. Organising children’s area. RRBA will have a separate stall.
  • Induction and planning meeting with L. van Bruchem and R. Taylor agreed upon. A history of the organisation to be prepared. 
  • H. Guglietta to speak with Richmond Club regarding the status of their commercial shops, and discuss how We are Richmond views the loss of Sections Cafe as detrimental to activity on Stanmore Rd.


Meeting concluded at 9:10pm


From D. Duffy:

In 2018, members of We Are Richmond instigated a series of meetings with the City Council in an effort to develop a major repair programme focusing on North Richmond roads in particular. From the initial meeting, a programme was developed collaboratively involving 31 different projects which would see virtually all streets in North Richmond receiving major upgrades: roads rebuilt, new footpaths and kerbsides and landscaping. Of those 31 projects, work has been completed in North Avon Road, Warden St, Randall St, and parts of Stapletons, Petrie, and Chrystal Streets. Work in Nicholls and Dudley Streets and the northern part of Stapletons Rd is scheduled to start in late October.

Also in the planning pipeline is a rebuild of Slater St between Shirley Rd and Warden St and a number of intersection improvements. The work involved with the reduction of speed limits and the Greenway Cycle Route through the suburb is also being integrated into the road rebuild programme.



Next meeting to be held 26 September 7pm at Avebury House.