Minutes January 2024

Feb 12, 2024 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Avebury House

Tuesday, 23 January 2024


M. James, B. Allen, C. Carter, R. Taylor, H. Guglietta, L. van Bruchem, R. Crawford

Council Representative: S. Holbrough

Apologies: M. Adams, P. Cotter, C. Given, J. McLellan, D. Duffy, E. van Bruchem


Minutes of Previous Meeting 

Error corrected from previous 21 November meeting. Lottery Community Funding deadline was written as “22 October,” but the correct deadline was “22 November.” Accepted/ Ratified: H. Guglietta/ C. Carter 



Current account balance: $50,170.03


Money In

  • $100 – St Albans Community Centre – BBQ Hire for Petrie Park bond refunded


Money Out:

  • $2,550.00 – November Contract payment – R. Crawford
  • $1,950.00 – December Contract payment – R. Crawford
  • $975 – B. Allen December/January Invoice (Petrie Park)
  • $300 – Riverlution Hub Rent December/January (automatic monthly payment)
  • $239.78 – Canterbury Landscape Supplies – Petrie Park Soil
  • $245.53 – Canterbury Landscape Supplies – Petrie Park Soil
  • $244.40 – King Seeds – Petrie Park Flower Seeds
  • $51.63 – Terracotta Watering Troughs – Stanmore Rd Planters
  • $149.85 – Hose – Petrie Park
  • $245.53 – Soil – 11/12 Petrie Park
  • $2,984.25 – Richmond Village – Sign Speedy Signs
  • $50.39 – Soil – 21/12 Petrie Park
  • $39.79 – Soil – 22/12 Petrie Park
  • $61.79 – Richmond Christmas Party Food and Drink – R. Crawford


Motion: That these payments be made M. James/ C. Carter


  • “$501.40 – G&A The Giveback Agency – Petrie Park Signs”–this amount was written in error on the 23 January meeting agenda. Payment was ratified in November and paid. It has been removed from this meeting for terminology.

    Payments other than the corrections are accepted: C. Carter, M. James


Activity Report


  • Petrie Park – Report from H.Guglietta and B.Allen on progress on the Petrie Park project. Confirmation of the extension of B.Allen’s contract. Petrie park DIA Community Facilities Application discussed by H. Guglietta. Mizuna has been planted, should take 3 weeks to grow. Urban Forest Parks Team marked Petrie Park as a forest park and will proceed this winter. B. Allen is working with their Landscape Architect. $20K funding pitch for Better Off funding for a single pitch pavilion has been submitted to CCC. B. Allen is drafting a design for this structure in collaboration with the Urban Forest Parks Team. Community consultation by March.

    Safety of Stapletons Road accessway addressed. M. James suggested making a lightweight structure to reduce foundation cost. The collaboration between Urban Forest Parks Team and We are Richmond for the enhancement of Petrie Park is received with excitement and enthusiastic intent. We are delighted to proceed. RRBA foresees its involvement as project lead for the establishment of a pavilion with appropriate amenity and enhancement of the forest plantings to incorporate food forest, artwork, seating, and dog-related activity.
    Moved M. James, R. Taylor
    It is agreed to leave the Northern part as-is. But suggested that the Forest Park team could possibly enhance northern area of park with small plantings. 


Hayley– $1000/yr funding is available for soil testing. Planting display will change every year in same area.

Authority for H. Guglietta to proceed with concept development and funding applications with RATA and DIA. And pursue a community fundraiser.
Moved by M. James/L. van Bruchem


  1. Holbrough will explore other opportunities within CCC for Petrie Park enhancement.


  • Richmond Village Sign – completed in December. Future signs for individual installation by Speedy Signs: $410 small 980mm x 360mm $530 large 980mm x 800mm. Rachel to develop artwork and produce a sign to add to the Richmond Village Shopping Centre sign promoting We are Richmond with logo, QR Code, Website logo. Moved by H. Guglietta/M. James.


  • Richmond Village Car Park – R. Taylor update: Contacted Worksafe, talked to senior inspector. Further action is not possible.

  • Richmond Parklet- L. and E. van Bruchem actively maintaining parklet. Keeping spreadsheet of hours spent. Site will have food forest planted in the front. (H. Guglietta)


  • Coffee with the Cops – Coffee with the Cops concept is morphing with Police around crime and neighbourhood watch. More work required. R. Taylor to continue.


  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison – report from last pool sub-committee meeting on November 28. and subsequent work. M. James to step in for D. Duffy on behalf of RRBA.


  • Roading Report – Work progresses in Averill Street on three intersection upgrades as part of the C.R.A.F. grant. S. Holborough to follow up with CCC meeting with C. Given.


  • We are Richmond Branding (use of RRBA v. We are Richmond) Using We are Richmond instead of RRBA. RIchmond made up of many different people, highlighting who the people and businesses are. 


  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – Get main Richmond organisations together to plan the upcoming year. Collective thinking. Collaboration. See what new residents want from the community. To meet with Richie Milner DIA in January to discuss.
    Setup meeting with Avebury House and Richmond Community Garden.


  • Avon-Otakaro Network Updates and Riverlution Updates – No updates.


  • Design and Website Maintenance – To meet with potential designers in the next few weeks. RRBA is lacking in available resource.

  • Upcoming Event Ideas – Capacity Builder is seeking direction for how to apply resources. Feedback from the committee: Focus on Gala and Petrie Park projects, community stories, and crime and security point of view. 


  • The future of We Are Richmond – Deferred. 


  • Capacity Builder Contract Conversation – M. James and Hayley will conduct a job contract conversation with R. Crawford in February.


  • M. James will step in as Chairperson and H. Guglietta as Treasurer as placeholders until D. Duffy returns to official duties.



Meeting concluded at 9:15pm


Action Points


R. Taylor

Pursue working with police (Crimewatch)

R. Crawford

Develop artwork and produce a sign to add to the Richmond Village Shopping Centre

R. Crawford

Meet with graphic designer companies.

R. Crawford

Meet with R. Milner regarding DIA CLD funding

H. Guglietta

Pursue funding and continue to plant and water (Petrie Park)

H. Guglietta

To provide spreadsheet of monthly financials before future meetings.

B. Allen

Design pavilion (Petrie Park)

E. and L. van Bruchem

Maintain Swanns Road Parklet

M. James/ H. Gugllietta

Conduct job contract conversation with R. Crawford in February

S. Holbrough

Explore other opportunities within CCC for Petrie Park enhancement

All committee members

Record evidence of alcohol problems in the community (take photos of bottles, etc) and send to Rachel.

D. Duffy/ R. Crawford

Explore Elmer Otautahi Elephant Trail and determine if there is any future RRBA/ Richmond community involvement with bidding etc


Next Meeting to be held  27 February 7pm  at Avebury House