Minutes AGM July 2023

Aug 10, 2023 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting 

held at Avebury House 9 Eveleyn Couzins Avenue

Tuesday, 25 July, 2023


  1. Welcome


  1. Apologies: C. Given, E. Nourish, P. Cotter, B. Allen, E. van Bruchem, S. Gautam, P. Boland, D. Swiggs (D. Duffy/ M. James), J. McBride – all apologies were accepted
    Committee Members: H. Guglietta, R. Taylor, L. van Bruchem, M. James, C. Carter, D. Duffy (Chairperson), R. Crawford
    Council Representatives: J. Miller (Central Community Board), J. McClellan (Christchurch City Council)
    Residents: S. Vicary, S. de Buyzer


  1. Confirmation of the minutes from the 2022 meeting these were confirmed on the motion of H.Guglietta/M.James.


  1. Report from the Chair Mr.D.Duffy, then presented his report for the 2022/2023 year.

This was accepted on the motion of D. Duffy/ L. van Bruchem. There were no issues arising.


  1. Treasurer’s Report Mr. M.James presented his financial report for the year ended 31 March, 2023. R.Taylor raised the issue of the validity of the statement in the report which says “Accrual (not for profit) on the basis that it does not have public accountability.” This matter would be addressed by the incoming committee with a view to deleting the statement as it was felt that it was misleading and unnecessary.

The report was accepted on the motion of M. James/ H. Guglietta. 

  1. Election of Officers:
  • Chair- D. Duffy (H. Guglietta/ M. James)
  • Secretary- R. Crawford (H. Guglietta/ M. James)
  • Treasurer- M. James (H Guglietta/ R. Taylor)
  • Committee Members – the current committee members: C.Carter, C.Given, H.Guglietta, R.Taylor and L. van Bruchem were re-elected
  1. McBride was to be approached to clarify whether she was interested in retaining her membership on the committee.


  1. General Business. There were no items of general business.


The chairman thanked the meeting for their attendance and the meeting was closed at 7:35 p.m. 


The meeting was followed by a presentation from the team: T.Tierney, M.Stevenson and B.Rhodes; working on the “Greater Christchurch Spatial Plan” which involves developing a plan for the future for the Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri regions. Further information can be found at this website: huihuimai@greaterchristchurch.org.nz   


Next meeting – – – Tuesday, 22 August