Minutes March 2024

Apr 11, 2024 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Avebury House

Tuesday, 26 March 2024



Committee Members: C. Carter, R. Crawford, M. James, C. Given, L. van Bruchem, 


Residents: E. van Bruchem, N. Sole

  • Apologies: 
  1. Holbrough, D. Duffy, B. Allen, R. Davidson, P. Cotter

  • Minutes from Previous Meeting:

27 February 2024  H. Guglietta, L. van Bruchem

  • Action Points discussed

  • Correspondence:


Submission on City to Sea Pathway by H. Guglietta

  1. James sent photos of overgrown Dudley Creek swale 3 months in a row. Finally completed.

  • Finance:


Current account balance: $44,288.87

Funding Remaining

CCC Parks (Petrie Park)  $29124.78

DIA COGS (Wages and Operations) $1742.59

CCC 2023 (Wages Operations and Projects) $10390

Funding secured

$20 000 Better off Funding for Petrie Park

Funding Applications underway 

Mazda Fund Petrie Park

CCC SC Wages 

DIA Petrie Park


Money In



Money Out:

  • $1860 – February Contract payment – R. Crawford
  • $100 – B. Allen February Invoice (Petrie Park)
  • $150 – Riverlution Hub Rent March (automatic monthly payment)

  • Updates on Current Working Groups:



Stapletons Rd (northern) nearly completed.
Nicholls Street moving ahead as per plan.
Upcoming meeting with Transport Team–C. Given and D. Duffy.


  • Richmond Gala Feedback–Children’s Area was a success. We are Richmond stall–2 winners to be announced. New membership–to be discussed by D. Duffy at future meeting. 


  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison – Richmond Gala feedback–Shirley Intermediate Pool–CCC $60K Better Off Fund secured. Project Control Group formed from Pool Restoration Committee. Materials still exist from old pool that can be possibly be reused–M. James.


  • RCAN (Richmond Community Action Network) Meeting– next meeting 9 April, Avebury House. Actively recruiting more participants. St Vincent de Paul–will ask new store manager to join after hired–R. Crawford.


  • Design and Website Maintenance – Pixel Space. Contract to be drawn up by R. Crawford. $65/hour. 


  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – H. Guglietta and R. Crawford met with Richie Milner Department of Internal Affairs to discuss DIA for Petrie Park.




  • Petrie Park – Priority consultation with Urban Parks Team, will organise events in Petrie Park to get plantings done and Community Engagement. Pavillion to be made in future and moved into Northern part of the park. Make ACMs larger to line wall. Seats added. Fruit trees. Graffiti art/murals. 


  • Swanns Rd/ Stanmore Rd Parklet– Ask David Hollander to prepare content for panels with the saame look/style of Petrie Park panels. Plan weedathon for this area. 9am 7 April.
    Should we plan a weedathon for housing on North Avon Rd?



  • Richmond Village Sign – We are Richmond Sign agreed on. Small size to cost $471.50 M. James/ C.Given




  • Capacity Builder Contract Conversation – defer


  • Avon-Otakaro Network Updates and Riverlution Updates – City to Sea Pathway submission made by H. Guglietta. 11 April Stormwater Submission workshop at Avebury House. 30 May Avon Otakaro Hui Network at Turanga (M. James and R. Crawford to attend)–first time bringing river stakeholders together. Mother of All Cleanups 11 May. Riverlution Cafe will open once the electrical is sorted.


  • The future of We Are Richmond –  deferred


  • R. Crawford to be added to bank accounts. Propose R. Crawford added as an account signatory. The account mandate that a second signatory is needed to authorise payment. Passed. 

  • Council Update:


Strengthening Communities Fund closes Friday 12 April 2024. Strengthening Communities Fund : Christchurch City Council (ccc.govt.nz)


Community Awards closes Sunday 31 March 2024 Community Service Awards 2024 : Christchurch City Council (ccc.govt.nz)


Let’s Talk – Rates Matter is open, closes 21 April 2024 Draft LTP 2024 – 2034 | Kōrero mai | Let’s talk (ccc.govt.nz)

  • General Business:


Register our concern that there is a developing community issue of safety and begging. Write letter to Keith Payne at Community Police in New Brighton.


Harvey Terrace/Fitzgerald Ave–Living Streets Sign needs improvement. Email S. Holbrough/Amy Johnston-Bray. Replace with “Welcome to Richmond”sign. Is Living Streets out of date now that some of this area is redzoned? 


Speed Limits in Swanns Rd area 


Alcohol license notices for the area. R. Crawford to send community board email to Committee. Is there any licensing needed for vape shops? 


R. Crawford

Circulate Capacity Builder/W.A.R Task Matrix 2024 assessment and 2024/25 Work Plan with committee. 

R. Crawford

Contact David Hollander about Swanns Rd/Stanmore Rd area for history panels to be put up.

H. Guglietta

To provide spreadsheet of monthly financials before future meetings. 

B. Allen

Design pavilion (Petrie Park). 

L. van Bruchem

Proofread Petrie Park signage

R. Crawford

Contact/ announce Richmond Gala Richmond Club Voucher Winners online

R. Crawford

Draw up contract with Pixel Space graphic designers

R. Crawford

Print and install We are Richmond sign for Richmond Village Shopping Centre

C. Given, M. James, D. Duffy

Review Long Term Plan submission and revise

R. Crawford

Coordinate Petrie Park Consultation with Urban Forest Team

R. Crawford

Plan Weedathon at corner Swanns and Stanmore Rd.

H. Guglietta, R. Crawford

Rachel to be added as a bank signatory.

R. Crawford

Encourage community to submit on Long Term Plan. Share the main points of We are Richmond’s submission with the community. Share in a newsletter.

R. Crawford

Send letter about  community safety issue to police.

R. Crawford

Forward Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Notice Board to committee regarding Alcohol Notices 

R. Crawford

Send email regarding damaged/outdated Living Streets sign Harvey Terrace/ Fitzgerald Avenue

All Committee Members

North Avon Road future Weedathon?


Meeting Concluded at 8:24pm 


Next meeting to be held Tuesday 23 April 7-9pm, Avebury House