Minutes May 2023

May 30, 2023 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Riverlution Eco Hub

Tuesday, 23 May, 2023



Committee Members:  D. Duffy, R. Taylor, R. Crawford, C. Carter, C. Given 

Council Representatives: 

Visitors:  L van Bruchem, M. Adams, B. Allen

Apologies:  M. James, J. Miller, H. Guglietta, J. McLellan, W. Robinson, S. Holbrough, E. van Bruchem


Minutes of Previous Meeting 




  • $2400 Contract payment – R.Crawford
  • $1200 B. Allen April Invoice 
  • $500 Riverlution Hub Rent April + Past Invoices Owed


Current Activity Reports


  • Petrie Park – Update from B. Allen. This covered progress on the soil testing, the collation of the public’s responses at our barbecue day, details of the next phase of public consultation and some publicity panel details.
  • Richmond Village Sign – Sign invoices to be sent out to shop owners this week.


  • Richmond Village Carpark – Council involvement. Multiple landlord ownership. Passed onto CCC.


  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison – Consultation, preparation continues. SIS needs assistance with landscaping because MOE will not complete landscaping due to cost overruns. Would like to start an edible garden for students.
  • Roading Report –  Waiting for an update from CCC. Poulton Avenue complete. Cycleway consultation mid-June.


  • Dark Streets – Partially red-zoned streets dark at night. Request made to Council.
  • Dudley Street – Dialogue continuing with Council in an effort to find a solution
  • Matariki – Planning continues for 15 July community celebration. Casino Funding applied for $2000 for Matariki star. 
  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – Further community consultation underway. Responses received online.
  • Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs. Second copy being painted.
  • Hornby Residents Association – Rachel to contact to learn more about their community meetings.


General meeting concluded at 9:00pm



Next General Meeting: Tuesday 27 June –Avebury House  – 7.00 p.m.