Petrie Street Repair Update Week 6

Jun 27, 2022 | Roading in Richmond

Firstly, I would like to thank the residents for their help and support during week 5 which allowed us to pour the first section of new kerb and channel. It’s always a day of significant disruption and the residents were very helpful and supportive during this process.

Having this poured and completing the westside underchannel stormwater pipe now means we can commence the new watermain installation. The watermain upgrade is an integral part of the Petrie street road reconstruction. Upgrading and removing old infrastructure is an key objective of the project.


The streetscape team will be working from Randall towards North Avon contouring the new berms, footpath and shaping driveways. The watermain crew will be working in the opposite direction from North Avon Towards Randall. As the residents know it’s a tight workzone whilst maintaining a lane of traffic, so all residents on the westside of Petrie will see a significant amount of movement outside their properties this week.  Wednesday is an exceptionally busy day with investigating design works ongoing and also a new power pole being installed that day.


The Watermain introduces an extra hazard or obstacle into our work zone. The watermain is welded into “strings” each 36m long. We will endeavour to keep them from your driveways, but there are time where these strings will need to be moved and shifted into position. As a result, blocking driveway access.  Your patience during the next week is appreciated and we will endeavour to limit the disruption.


As Always, If you have any concerns about parking, deliveries you may be expecting or access/egress issues please see our STMS. Our STMS is the team member in the Green Hi-Vis. He or she will address any of to your concerns

Keep an eye out on Week 7 for some update progress photos coming soon.

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