Richmond Road Repair Update

Mar 9, 2022 | Roading in Richmond

Since a fiery meeting attended by residents and Council staff in 2018, the Richmond Residents’ and Business Association has been collaborating with the City Council with the aim of establishing a step-by-step road repair programme and general upgrade of Richmond streets. 31 separate projects were identified and gradual progress has been made working through these.


What we have achieved so far

Major rebuilds and landscaping of: 

  • North Avon Road between Hills Rd and Flesher Ave.
  • Warden Street between Hills Rd and 102 Warden St.
  • Stapletons Rd between Warden St and Randall St
  • Petrie St between Warden St and Shirley Rd and between Randall St and Averill St
  • Randall St.
  • A small section of Slater St.

Details of work planned for 2022

Contracts will be awarded in March for:

  • Works Packages 1, 2 and 3: Chrystal St.; Petrie St – New water main from North Avon Rd to Randall St.  Constructed included; Warden St, 102 to Shirley Rd. Work time frame – April to August
  • Works Packages 4, 5: Dudley & Nicholls Streets (including new water main): Stapletons Rd (Warden St to Shirley Rd). Work time frame – June to October.


Further work planned within a two year period includes:

  • Intersection upgrades: Averill/Petrie; Averill/Stapletons; Chancellor/Guild; Guild/Hills; Guild/Slater.
  • New kerb and channel on Slater St from Guild to 75/80 Slater
  • New speed humps on: Slater St at Warden St; Chancellor St at Warden St; Dudley St at Slater St.
  • Formation of a “Greenway Cycle Route through North Parade, Averill St, Stapletons Rd, and Nicholls St to North Avon Rd.
  • Area-wide speed restriction on roads between North Avon Rd, North Parade, Shirley Rd and Hills Rd.
  • Complete rebuild of Slater St between Warden St and Shirley Rd.

This schedule of works is tabled for final approval at the Papanui/Innes Community Board on March 18.

The Richmond Residents’ and Business Association will continue to collaborate with the City Council with the aim of continuing to upgrade all roads in the Richmond area. When the work achieved so far and the work planned in the immediate future is considered against the overall demands for improved roading in Christchurch, we can feel pleased with the progress made so far. We have been able to balance our wishes with a Council working in a restrictive environment as they cope with shortages of staff and materials, contractual difficulties, funding issues, the effects of Covid-19, and weather events and we have achieved considerably more than many other areas in the City.

We will continue to provide regular updates through this website as more information comes to hand.


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