Richmond Village Shopping Centre Pot Holes Fixed

Mar 21, 2024 | Roading in Richmond, RR&BA

After years of We are Richmond lobbying to get the Richmond Village Carpark restored to a usable standard, the potholes and damage have finally been patch-fixed by one of multiple landlords.

Multiple residents and shoppers complained about the safety of this shopping centre in the heart of Richmond:

“I decided I won’t use the laundromat or other shops there until the parking is fixed up, its too dangerous.”

“I tripped over there and severely bruised my foot”

“I’ve popped my tyre twice in there. I just don’t go back now I go elsewhere.”

I don’t use that shopping area because I’m 72 and on crutches.”

It’s really bad! They need to fix it. It brings down the entire neighbourhood!”

I don’t support the complex anymore due to the many potholes. Ludicrous that it stays in that state”

This carpark is very disappointing. Cars that are low to the ground always scratch the fenders..”

“I’ve stopped going to these businesses as the carpark is so awful”

Our Chairman David Duffy first approached the multiple landlords responsible for this parking lot to fix the damaged parking lot a few years ago. After no action was taken, he presented the situation in front of our local Community Board regarding this legal matter last year. After legal possibilities were explored but unsuccessful, a committee member even approached Work Safe to explore our options.

We are thankful that after pressure from We are Richmond and also their tenants, one (of multiple) landlord took the initiative to repair the damaged pavement on his own. 

We are glad residents and visitors can now return to shopping in a more welcoming, safe shopping environment. This will strengthen our local shops and gives the community safer places to gather. Perseverance and commitment to the community pays off

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