Roadworks Update for Nicholls Street 14

May 6, 2024 | Roading in Richmond, RR&BA

Two kerb pours are scheduled this week. The first, on Wednesday, is for the North Avon Road Kerb island, with a diamond Traffic management setup for the entire week. Residents of Nicholls Street will not be able to make a right turn onto North Avon Road during this time. The second pour is scheduled for next Friday, 10/5/2024, and will include all remaining kerbs on the west side of Nicholls Street. All affected residents will receive a letter drop.

Currently, there is a road closure between Dudley Street and North Avon Road. We will do our best to accommodate residents’ access if necessary. However, please be prepared for longer access times during the day. Please also understand that when our trucks are loading, there may be delays. We aim to minimize disruption to our construction, and we appreciate your understanding. If you are exiting from Dudley Street during the day, please drive slowly. When our spotter see you approaching, he will stop digger operations, and the Traffic Controller at the Dudley/Nicholls intersection will stop incoming trucks so you can exit safely.

Please refer to the attached snip for our current construction area. The street is becoming congested, so we encourage you to park your car on a local street if you need frequent access during the day. The footpath on the east side is currently open.

When we begin the road basecourse (the final layer) and surfacing, we will implement a full road closure. There will be no access permitted during the day for all residents on Nicholls street. Please ensure your car is removed by 7 am, and normal access will resume by 5:30 pm. We will keep you updated when it’s coming.


•Nicholls Street, Road closure. Live footpath is on the east side of Nicholls street.

•A diamond Traffic management setup for the entire week on North Avon Road/ Nicholls st intersection, No Right turn from Nicholls street to North Avon Road

•Dudley street, one way at all time, no entry permitted on Stapleton Road.


West side of Nicholls st, footpath and property drainage work starts from Dudley towards North Avon Road. Active communication will be given the day before.

#54, 52, 50 Dudley street, for SW main trenching work in front of your driveway, active communication will be given the day before.
North Avon Road islands kerb pour on May 8th, Wed.
Kerb pour on West side of Nicholls street on 10/5/2024, Fri, residents affected will receive a letter drop.


Disruption Management: Please see Road Closure Disruption Minimisation Plan- Nicholl st 050424.



Site contact person:

Kane Radcliffe, Site supervisor, M:021 830 670

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