Roadworks Update for Nicholls Street 22

Jul 1, 2024 | Roading in Richmond, RR&BA

We plan to pour the kerb between Nicholls St and Slater St on Friday, 05/07/24, weather permitting. Residents at 30, 32, and 34 Dudley Street, please move your vehicles by 7 am. Driveway access will be restored by 5 pm.

Next week, the section of Dudley Street between Nicholls Street and Stapleton Road will be closed. Residents living in this section, please move your cars by 8 am. Access will be restored by 5:30 pm.

Footpath work on Nicholls Street is actively ongoing, however we need a decent dry time before sealing. The continuous rain over the past two weeks has left the footpath prepping work very damp. While waiting for dry weather, we will continue repairing footpath work on the east side. Please wait at the sign for pedestrian escort, and our worker will guide you through.

We are doing our best to progress the work tidily with the wet weather. We will monitor the footpath condition daily and hope to find a window to seal it within the next two weeks. Once both sides are sealed, Nicholls Street will return to two lanes, residents on Nicholls Street can then start entering from North Avon Road. While we will continue working on Dudley Street with either one-way traffic or road closures as needed.



• Nicholls Street, one way at all time, no entry permitted from North Avon Road . Live footpath is on the east side of Nicholls street with pedestrian escort over the working section

• Dudley street, one way between Slater Street and Nicholls Street, no entry permitted from Stapletons Road. Live footpath is on the North side of Dudley street with pedestrian escort over the working section. Road Closure between Nicholls St and Stapletons Road, will be returned to one way after 5.30pm.


• Footpath construction and Grass area reshaping on Nichols street both side, with footpath pedestrian escort, please wait at the sign, our worker will escort you through.

• Site investigation work on Dudley Street will produce significant noise when the large air vac is in operation.

• On Dudley Street, Kerb work between Nicholls st and Slater Street on the south side, active communication will be done daily if passing your driveway.

• Kerb pour on Friday, weather dependent, 05/07/24 between Slater Street and Nicholls Street


Site contact person:

Kane Radcliffe, Site supervisor, M:021 830 670


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