Minutes August 2021

Sep 1, 2021 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting held via Zoom, 24 August, 2021.

The following committee members attended: D.Duffy (chair), H.Guglietta, C.Given, J.McBride, M.James and  D.Swiggs.

There was one apology: G.Partridge.

Meeting Report:

Finance: Outstanding payments to J.McBride ($1345.00) and D.Swiggs ($1625.00) for services rendered were paid during the meeting. The Association has received two grants from the Covid Fund ($8,000.00) and the COGs Fund ($3,500.00). The committee was also expecting a further grant of $9,000.00 to add to our funds. The committee decided to allocate some of the money towards:

  1. $3,500.00 to the improvement of the alleyway linking Evelyn Cousins Avenue with Vogel Street and the continuation of the development of the Wayfinder Trail. 
  2. $1500.00 to be paid to Kevin Crooks for the refurbishment of the Richmond Village sign.
  3. A sum to be set aside for the employment of a secretary on a part time basis. This position is to be advertised after a job description has been prepared.

Roading: A Council report indicates that Works Package 1. Chrystal St. Works Package 2. Petrie St. (incl Water main) Work Package 3. Warden St, are expected to start in November subject to contractor availability.

Murray offered to write to Christchurch NZ to further question the reasons why it cost so much to place flags along Stanmore Rd.

Our secretary, Angela Hart, has unfortunately resigned due to experiencing difficulties associated with work and the Covid crisis. It was decided to send her a small gift to acknowledge her work and offer some support.

A statement is to be prepared stating this committee’s position regarding urban renewal and its relationship with ICAN. The statement is to indicate that the committee is no longer satisfied with the adversarial approach that ICAN is taking to address the issues before it because it lacks a desire to seek solutions and is not regarded as a corroborative and/or co-operative approach. The committee therefore does not agree with ICAN’s strategies and wishes to disassociate itself from the body.

Activities for committee members to follow up:

Village Sign  

  • Hayley to contact painter to facilitate repair and replacement of signs
  • David to contact shop owners to determine what signs are wanted


  • Hayley to progress the repair and refurbishment of the alleyway fence and liaise with Housing NZ

Secretary’s Job Description

  • Jen and Hayley to compose a job description and statement and begin the hunt for a suitable applicant

Spreading the Word

  • Craig, Deon, Jen to plan a strategy for reaching out into the community


Next Meeting

28th September 2021

at Richmond Club