Minutes February 2020

Apr 6, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached a copy of the minutes from last Months meeting.



Minutes of the meeting held at Avebury House


7.00 p.m. – Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Present: Committee: V. Ware, D.Duffy, M.James,  H.Guglietta, A.Hart, J.McBride, G.Partridge. 

City Council: S.Holbrough. Residents: R.Crawford, L.Farry, C.McClement, 

Apologies: A.Crook

The minutes of the meetings  were accepted as true and correct records.



  • Warden Street rebuild progress report from Neil Andrews

Incoming correspondence was accepted 

Outwards :

  • Jake McLellan re protection of trees in Poulton Avenue, general state of road.



The reimbursement of expenses to D.Duffy for the costs associated with the Summer With Your Neighbours Event was to be followed up by the treasurer.


Guest Speakers:

  1. Khye Hitchcock (The Green Lab) presented a summary of their growth and development as an organisation from the start up days as Greening the Rubble through to current programmes they are involved with. They are now working with community groups outside the C.B.D. and have offered to hold meetings with groups to discuss the development of projects. The groups within the Richmond community have identified the following possibilities: 10 Shirley Road, Richmond Village Sign and planters, Petrie Park, Adventure Ave, ‘We are Richmond’ welcome sign on Stanmore Road, Artisan hut on Evelyn Couzins, Wayfinding at the corner of Swanns and River Road, Forth street alleyway, 46a Vogel Street, and resurrecting the original ‘golf putting course’ idea discussed with Enlivening Spaces. There is a possibility of developing two of these ideas further but one of them must be in the river corridor. Resources available through The Green Lab include a $3000 for materials and personnel working for up to 120 hours. A hui which will seek to establish which of the ideas we continue to develop and begin preliminary planning is set down for March 4. Green Lab will advertise this through our data base. 
  2. Jimmy Summerfield – C.E.O. Richmond Club. Jimmy presented a summary of the progress being made on the new club buildings and indicated that the new complex should be open in late July. The complex will include convention, wedding and function facilities, new squash courts, a restaurant with an on-licence, café, bar, and gaming facilities. The emphasis is more on attracting local families but it is expected that a wider clientele will be attracted because the club will be one of the biggest of its kind in the city and will be able to cater for a wider range of tastes and needs. Mr. Summerfield also indicated that a good percentage of funding accrued from gaming profits will be available to local organisations in the form of grants.


  • Stacy Holbrough (Papanui/Innes Ward):
  1. Pump track installation at No. 10 Shirley Road has been delayed by shipping hold-ups. It is now hoped to have it installed by Easter. 
  2. The Community Board is planning a community engagement programme to decide the future of No 10 Shirley Road. It was pointed out that an overview of community needs and current facilities should be undertaken simultaneously with this engagement process.
  3. The Council is holding a Funding Expo on 17 March. More details at: http://events.humanitix.co.nz/christchurch-community-funding-expo 
  4. Submissions to the Community Board Plan opened on February 17 and close on March 2

Further information at https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/293

NB The R.R.B.A. will be making submissions seeking the cementing in place of the North Richmond Road Repair programme begun in 2018, the installation of traffic safety measures in the Perth Street area.

  • Medway Street Bridge – this is set to become a reality but community opinion and feedback is further the planning process. 
  • Petrie Park – the two girls, Sylvia and Ruby, have met with Council Reps on a reconnaissance visit at the Park. Initial reaction was positive but more information is to be gathered. The group will reconvene soon.
  • A question from the floor asked when the Riverlution Café would be opening. H.Guglietta replied that it needed $120,000 to complete the project which would be self-sustaining after opening.


The meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.