Minutes July 2020

Aug 20, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held at Avebury House, Tuesday, 28 July, 2020


Committee Members: V.Brown (chair), D.Duffy, (secretary), M.James (treasurer)C. Given, H.Guglietta, A.Hart, G.Partridge, A.Crook

Residents: M.Keith, C.Paintin, S.Williams

Visitors: C.Williams (Te Tira Kāhikuhiku), I.Burn (Delta), J.Hawkey and D.Kolien (Methodist

Mission Social Housing), S.Holbrough (C.C.C. Papanui/Innes Community Liaison)

Apologies: Nil

The Minutes of Previous Meeting accepted

Correspondence In: Received

· C.C.C. Application received for the Central-Heathcote-Linwood Discretionary Response Fund

– $4,000.00

· P.Cotter and J.McClellan re submission document inquiry

· C.C.C. newsletter re Warden Street roading project progress.

· Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan

· Methodist Mission Housing group re arrival of first houses on July 21

· Proposed Plan Change 5 to the Christchurch District Plan – Pre-notification consultation

Correspondence Out: Approved

· D.Hurren, J. Summerfield, I. Burn, G.Boock re nomination availability for position on committee

· K.Mahoney re update on road repair programme

· J.Hawkey re update on social housing project at Guild Street

· C.C.C. Annual Plan Submission

· P.Cotter and J.McClellan re submission document reaction


There was no financial activity to report.

Guest Speakers:

Chrissie Williams, The Chair of Te Tira Kāhikuhiku*, presented an insight into the role of this new organisation and how it will work with groups proposing transitional and permanent projects in the Red Zone. The funding sources were explained and an outline given of the procedures to follow when making a submission. Further information is obtainable from their website: https://ccc.govt.nz/parks-and-gardens/regenerationareas/te-tira-kahikuhiku

* The group provides advice and recommendations to the Council and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) on initiatives, ideas and activities to transform the city’s red zone land in Brooklands, the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, Southshore, South New Brighton and the Port Hills until the red zoned land transfers to the Council.

Te Tira Kāhikuhiku will also make decisions on grant funding for some of these short-term, transitional opportunities, which could be one-off events or projects that last up to five years.

Te Tira Kāhikuhiku is made up of 5 Community Board Members, 2 IWI and 5 Community Representatives.

The committee meet on the first Wednesday of every month, the meetings are private, the minutes are published publicly through the CCC web site. There is an opportunity for public deputation at the meetings and the committee will debate matters on behalf of public and these can be sent to Chrissy.williams@xtra.co.nz .

J.Hawkey and D.Kolien (Methodist Mission Social Housing – Guild Street Development) jointly presented an update on progress at the site. Five units had arrived and been placed on their foundations and all units are expected to be in. place by the end of August. Drainage work has started, discussions have begun with the City Council about waterway care, screening and fencing, etc. The Community garden has been screened off as a protective measure. There will be consultation with the residents directly affected who want to be involved about the plantings come springtime

Council Reports:

S.Holbrough – Stacey and Rochelle will come month about and report for both community boards

· The Community The links below for the by election and community board plans were provided:

· Bi-Election https://newsline.ccc.govt.nz/news/story/call-for-community-board-central-by-election-nominations If you need or want any more information Jo Daly is the best person to contact jo.daly@ccc.govt.nz

· Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board Plan https://ccc.govt.nz/assets/Documents/The-Council/Community-Boards/Plans/Community-Board-Plan-Papanui-WEB-Final.pdf

· Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board Plan https://www.ccc.govt.nz/assets/Documents/The-Council/Community-Boards/Plans/Community-Board-Plan-Linwood.pdf?vid=7

· Nominations (For what?) must be received by August 20th, voting will take place on September 24th and the results will be published on October 16th

· There is currently a project happening “Pop up Penguins) to place a penguin in the Shirley area at one of four sites This is being run by the Shirley Village Project initiative who have some wonderful things going on you can check out more on their face book page: https://www.facebook.com/theShirleyVillage

there is a pool which you can vote for your preferred option at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9HJ5FPX?fbclid=IwAR3Hf2gj_oRdY_jDTVPhL5xvvrA4aXCOxCX1K0txRcS-VKeunqM17KaFmgI

· Councillor Sarah Templeton is setting up a consultation forum platform to link community organisations with community boards, etc. It was pointed out that those links have already been established in Richmond and this was seen as an unnecessary move.

General Business:

Pace Internship – Derica Heung

· Derica presented a report outlining the scope and purpose of her internship with We are Richmond., to produce a Richmond Urban Plan. This work will include information gathering from the local businesses and residents, collation of ideas, and the production of a report outlining both the community’s and Derica’s views on what should be included in an Urban Plan for Richmond. This work started in mid-July and the report is scheduled to be produced in mid-October.

Waterways and Planting Programme maintenance report

· Gardening issues – along Dudley Creek and greater Richmond, eg. Medway Street. We have had an email response from Harry Roelofs at the CCC with regards to maintenance. He’s suggested (again) that local residents might be able to assist with the maintenance / weeding. This might be an okay short-term fix – but we need to understand a long-term strategy for how these newly planted gardens etc are maintained. I do wonder if we should pursue the idea of the RRBA / RCG trying to pick-up contracts for these gardens. I suspect that as these are currently looked after by the CCC parks and open spaces people – and that there is not a contract as such for it.

· We have asked to meet with Harry when he is next on site to do a walkabout and discuss options / understand the maintenance period.

Tweed Street new building project

· G. Partridge has contacted the Council to obtain the housing project list to monitor density levels, recession planes, etc. Unfortunately, new laws in the pipeline will render this information redundant. The meeting expressed concern about the vehicle access at a new building site at No2 Tweed St and the secretary was asked to contact the Council to investigate the installation of a street mirror to enhance safe exit from this site.

Matariki Celebrations review

· Despite the uncertain weather conditions prevailing on the day and funding, the event was an outstanding success. H.Guglietta outlined further improvements envisaged for a similar event next year.

Pre-election and referenda forum and information evening

· After discussion across the meeting it was decided to arrange a meeting on August 25 in conjunction with Delta staff and management to information on the two referenda before the general public for this year’s election. This would be on our normal meeting date.

· As part of the evening we will also have information available on how to vote for people requiring assistance or further information.

· There were moves planned by other organisations within the Christchurch East electoral area to hold a general meeting where Christchurch East candidates could present their views. H. Guglietta was given the task of liaising with the Shirley Community Group and The Dallington Residents Association to discuss their intentions on holding candidate events. D.Duffy was given the task of contacting the electoral office to see if they had speakers to help present factual/official information on the referendums

· Ian from Delta also gave a quick update on there building in North Avon Rd, they are hoping construction will be completed early next year

Richmond Road Repair programme update

· Local residents at the meeting had several questions about the progress of the road renewal programme in Richmond. D. Duffy outlined the programme schedules and time frames and informed them of the working group established to work with the Council. It was accepted that progress was slow and that renewed requests to Council be sent to redefine the details of the schedule, (order of street repair and time lines) and to encourage strongly that the programme be given fresh impetus now that funding issues and budgets have been settled.

· Warden Street roading works – appears to be completed from Petrie to Stapletons. Stapletons / Warden intersection is now closed as of yesterday to traffic – work now is on the section from there through to Slater Street. Recent works notice update from CCC sent out two weeks ago.

· Six streets are in the scheme design phase, with the scheme plans to be taken to the Community Board for a briefing in mid-August 2020, prior to engaging with the community. Warden Street (#102- Shirley Road) is programmed for delivery in FY21, with the remaining streets programmed for delivery in FY22, based on the draft Annual Plan currently out for consultation with the public.

Branding (We Are Richmond)

· Concern was expressed that the We Are Richmond branding was being misinterpreted and confusing some people. This was evident in the work being carried out to establish a number of trails and other initiatives in the Richmond area. Efforts were to be made to be more inclusive with other residents in approaching these projects so that there is clarity over who we are and what we are doing.

· We are working on stickers to have placed on shop fronts and letterboxes to assist in getting the brand out there and clearly show in the community the support our group has

Green Lab projects update

· Two meetings are scheduled with the Green Lab projects team on Saturday, August 1st at. 12.30p.m. and 2.30p.m. The meetings are to roll out the design concepts from Green Lab for an entranceway at Swanns Road and the Richmond Way finder Trail extending across the suburb. If you would like to be involved in this please come along or contact jane@thegreenlab.co.nz

Richmond Village

· The meeting was informed that funding had been obtained to replace the dilapidated sign at the Village and moves were in place to begin this work. There were growing concerns about the growing incidence of fly tipping in the rubbish disposal area which was fast becoming a health and safety issue.

· S.Holbrough undertook to investigate what actions the Council could take to remedy the situation. There was also concern expressed by local shop owners at the growing numbers of vagrants begging in the area. People attending the meeting representing social services and the Council agreed to investigate to see if there were other avenues of assistance available towards reducing this problem. Ie: Housing First staff to assist where these people are part of there group and provide assistance as required.

· S.Holbrough also agreed to investigate the possibility of using CCTV in the area and possibility of these in the red zone entrances which are also areas of concern around fly tipping.

Stanmore Road Planters

H.Guglietta has worked with the local businesses to sponsor the planters, fill them with more long-term plantings to keep them looking great. Hopefully with this monetary sponsorship it will encourage the business owners to help keep them in top condition.

The meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday August 25 – time/venue to be confirmed