Minutes June AGM 2020

Jul 27, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Richmond Resident’s and Business Association

2nd Annual General Meeting

Held at Avebury House

Tuesday 23 June, 2020


Present: V.Brown, A.Crook, C.Doig, D.Duffy, C.Given, H.Guglietta, A.Hart, J.Hawkey, M.James, D.Kolien, G.Partridge, D.Plesore, D.Swiggs, E.Twaddell.

Apologies: J.McBride

The Minutes of Previous Meeting were accepted.

Chairperson’s Report: The chairperson, Vicki Brown presented her report for the Association’s activities in the 2019/2020 year. The report was accepted on the motion of V.Brown/ H.Guglietta

Finance: The treasurer presented his financial report which showed a financial loss of $268.00. There had been a huge amount of voluntary work within the association’s activities.

It was moved M.James/H.Guglietta that the club does not appoint an auditor for the incoming year.

Appointment of Officers 

Chairperson: Vicki Brown – nominated/seconded, D.Duffy/A.Hart

Secretary: David Duffy – nominated/seconded, V Brown /A.Hart

Treasurer: Murray James – nominated/seconded, J.McBride/V. Brown


Craig Given – nominated/seconded, V. Brown /D.Duffy

Hayley Guglietta – nominated/seconded, D.Duffy/G.Partridge

Angela Hart – nominated/seconded, V. Brown /H.Guglietta

Jen McBride – nominated/seconded, H.Guglietta/V. Brown

Greg Partridge – nominated/seconded, M.James/H.Guglietta

All the above nominations were accepted by the meeting. There were no additional nominations.

General Business: 

  • Methodist Mission Social Housing Project

Jill Hawkey and David Kolien presented an update on progress at the Guild Street complex. The issue of vibration had been investigated with NZTA  and it was felt that the possibility of damage to surrounding buildings was minimal. 

Site work had begun and the access road will be built soon. Building the gravel raft was the next job. Consultations with the Council regarding creek bank maintenance had been held. It is the Council’s responsibility. Foundation laying is due to start on June 28 and the first house will come in at the end of July. Discussions about landscaping will begin in the spring before the planting programme begins. It was suggested during the meeting that the development of Petrie Park might be an area where the two groups could collaborate on future plans for that area.

  • Richmond Road Repair programme report 

Warden Street – Petrie Street to Chancellor Street Update

Between Petrie Street and Stapletons Road:

  • Telco service clashes are done at Petrie Street intersection
  • Footpaths are completed
  • Berms on the southern side have been tidied
  • The road formation is ready for sealing but we are waiting for dry weather conditions to complete this
  • Trees pits have been installed in this section
  • This section will be sealed and opened within the next month depending on weather conditions, with landscaping to follow

Between Stapletons Road and Chancellor Street:

  • The kerb is in on the northern side
  • Dig out of the carriageway is about 50% complete

Between Chancellor Street and Averill Street:

  • Kerb is in on the northern side

All works between Petrie Street and Chancellor Street are programmed to be complete by the end of August 2020.  The team will continue straight on with the next section between Chancellor Street and Hills Road.

Planned Programme Works Update

All six streets are in the scheme design phase, with the scheme plans to be taken to the Community Board for a briefing in mid-August 2020, prior to engaging with the community.  Warden Street (#102- Shirley Road) is programmed for delivery in FY21, with the remaining streets programmed for delivery in FY22, based on the draft Annual Plan currently out for consultation with the public.

  • City Council District Plan

Discussions continue between all parties involved across the city. There was much discussion about the current consultation process employed by the Council and the shortcomings exposed using it. G.Partridge has requested details of all building consents across the city to check on design and population density issues. New developments are projected for Tweed Street and McLeod Street. 

  • Food Forest

There is a new initiative in the area to establish a food forest to support the Delta Foodbank. G.Partridge/V.Brown moved that the R.R.B.A. support the new initiative – passed.

  • Green Lab

Green Lab are ready to resume work in the area and have targeted two arfeas: the Swanns Rd bridge entrance to River Rd and Petrie Park

  • Website

Work is continuing on the directory and it is planned to include a video on the Food Plan

  • Dudley Creek Flood Scheme 

P.Boland and H.Guglietta and H. G? are working on a plan to monitor the outflow from the Dudley Creek Flood Diversion outlet at Medway St where contaminants have been observed  entering the river.

  • Red Zone Meeting

The meeting was informed of a meeting to be held at the Memorial Hall in North Beach on Wednesday, 23 June to workshop priorities and ideas for the development of the Red Zone

  • PACE Intern

A Pace Intern from Canterbury University, Derica Huang, will be working R.R.B.A. to develop an urban plan for Richmond from mid-July for about 12 weeks.

  • Homeless People

It was noted that there were a number of homeless people frequenting the Richmond Village area in recent weeks.

  • New footbridges

H.Guglietta challenged each individual at the meeting to put in a submission about the building of the three new bridges across the Avon River highlighting the lack of any planting programmes, ability to contribute ideas about the design and structure of the bridges, and the lack of consultation opportunities available before the work programme was announced.


Next Meeting – Tuesday, July 28 at Avebury House; 7.00 p.m.