Minutes March 2019

Mar 27, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everybody,

Our meeting last night was held in much more relaxed conditions thankfully. Please find attached the minutes of the meeting and the response regarding our questions about the progress of the road repair programme.
David Duffy.
Secretary Richmond Resident’s and Business Association


Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 26 March, 7.30 pm


Present: Hayley Guiglietta (chairperson), David Duffy (secretary), Murray James (treasurer).
Committee Members: Ashley Crook, Angela Hart, Vicki Ware.
Council Representatives: Bruce Coleman
Residents: Kathleen Gisho, Gillian Sheard, Rachel Crawford, Cathy Allden, Penny Milne, Greg Partridge. (13)

Apologies: Craig Given, Pauline Cotter, Sally Buck.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and correct record. (G.Patridge/A.Crooks)

Matters Arising: Any matters arising were included in the business below.

Financial Report:

The treasurer, Murray James, presented a report stating that the Association was now an incorporated society and had an operating bank account (balance $4,000.00)

The following accounts were passed for payment: (M.James/V.Ware)

  • Akiva $162.72 – Domain Name
  • J.N.Creative – $1795.44 – Website development



  • From John Higgins and Clare – spreadsheet of consents issued in Richmond – stating there were no listed future building projects in the immediate future.

Outwards :

  • D.Swiggs/G.Livingstone (C.C.C.) – thanking them for initiating the temporary footpath repairs in River Rd
  • J.Higgins (C.C.C.) – inquiry about future high density developments in Richmond (see Inward Correspondence)
  • S.Grublys (C.C.C.) – inquiry about present roading repair status – see separate document with reply.


  1. The Casa Bambini Community have put together a set of proposals for a planting programme in the block bounded by River Rd, Medway St, Flesher Ave and North Avon Rd. The proposal is currently on hold pending future red zone development guidelines and legislative requirements
  2. iCAN – G.Partridge reported on the outcomes of the meeting held with the Council. The issues discussed included the quantity and quality of the developments currently being built and the work practices employed at those sites. The legality of many practices have been challenged. There is a Council initiated workshop scheduled for May at which iCan will be able to gain an understanding of the legislative constraints and rules governing building developments, and the District Plan.It will also address the possibilities which become available when the District Plan is revised.
  3. EEE – Equal Education in the East – H. Guiglietta informed the meeting of discussions, which are on-going , relating to the current school zoning situation and how it affects Richmond residents.
  4. Avebury Gala 31 March 2019 – it was confirmed that the Association would have a stall at the Gala. Community feedback would be sought regarding the proposal to reduce the speed limit on Richmond Roads other than the main thoroughfares.
  5. HNZ Update – Housing New Zealand have agreed to liaise with this Association when work starts on the Swanns Rd/Sorensens Place site. New units will be started on Alexandra St soon. Other housing news includes the erection of a row of houses along Cumberland St on the current Richmond Working Men’s Club site and a the building of units on Stanmore Rd near the current tattoo parlour.
  6. Riverlution Concept – the meeting was informed of the development of the river bank area between Fitzgerald Ave and Banks Aveis which is a joint project involving the Richmond Village Garden, Wetlands Assoc., Tiny House Group, Sutton House and other groups.
  7. Enliven Spaces Project A number of ideas have been suggested by this Association but all have been rejected by the City Council. It was moved that seek funding for a series of signposts in the Vogel St/Stanmore Rd area including the laneway by the new Housing N.Z. buildings (H.Guiglietta/V.Ware – passed). Due to the restrictive nature of the Enliven Spaces Project conditions and the lack of buy-in from the Village owners, it was moved that we would not pursue any ideas regarding Richmond Village until the situation changed (D.Duffy/M.James – passed), and the suggestion of painting a mural on the R.W.M.C. construction site was regarded as a waste of money. The meeting was informed that the Richmond Village shops were now owned by six different landlords and communication with them had been difficult. There was continued frustration expressed at the cleanliness of the area.
  8. Dudley Creek Project/Richmond Roads – a response to a number of questions about this project was received after the meeting and a copy of those responses accompanies these minutes.
  9. The possibility of beginning a conversation to discuss the idea of establishing a sports complex at the current S.B.H.S. gymnasium and all-weather courts site with the further possibility of a Community centre being established on the site was raised. It was decided to invite Peter Burley to our next meeting to discuss the suggestion. Peter has been contracted to work with the City Council to explore the rejuvenation of the site at No.10 Shirley Road and he is also a member of the Eastern Sports Trust.

General Business

The meeting was informed that a new set of bollards are to be installed at the entrance/exit points in the Red Zone. 

Concern was expressed at the amount of flytipping occurring in the area in both the red zone and the residential area.  This item was to be placed on next month’s agenda for further discussion.

The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

Next meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 23 April, at Avebury House