Minutes March 2021

May 31, 2021 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes 23rd March 2021

Present: Committee: V.Brown, D.Duffy, C.Given, H.Guglietta, A.HartD. Swiggs (Richmond Activator)

Residents: R.Crawford

Apologies:  J.McBride, M.James, P.Cotter, R.Faimolo, S.Holbrough

Minutes of the Previous Meeting – accepted: V.Brown/D.Duffy

Correspondence – received

Inwards: see general business below

Outwards: K.McRae/B.Winder re River Road and new bridge

      R.Faimolo re Poulton Ave. residents’ meeting with Council staff

      E.Twaddle – re ongoing issues with Dudley Street bird problem and street maintenance

      E.Leeson – re Gowerton Place update.

Treasurer’s Report: 

The current account balance is $8649.45

There were no accounts presented for payment although we are expecting an account from J.McBride

General Business: 

Roading report – submissions made to Council and to Better Safer roads.C.R.A.F. fund and what it means for Richmond Roads. 

Richmond Activator Report – the report covered the following: Richmond Village Mall Sign – indications of interest for renovation; quotes received; call for interest and funding to go out soon Street Beggingon-going issue causing concern, discussions continuing with Police, advice to passers-by is that they do not encourage, give food to, or give money to the person but donate to the social organisations trying to help these people instead. Empty Shop Fronts Activation Initiative – need to identify what type of shops and services we want. The proposed asset mapping will help in this respect. Shops could be used for static displays in the meantime. Support will be investigated through the Council, eg ShoPOP (an Enliven Spaces project). Business Improvement District Grant Fund – after much discussion a motion was put to the meeting – “That the R.R.B.A. gives D.Swiggs the authority to apply for funding from the Business Improvement Design (BID) fund to create an asset map of Richmond businesses, to do a marketing campaign for Richmond businesses, and to further develop the website.” Moved H.Guglietta/seconded A.Hart – passed – more information on this funding stream can be found at https://ccc.govt.nz/culture-and-community/community-funding/bid-grant-fund. Next Steps – continue asset mapping; continue verbal communication with key business people; continue engagement with Police and agencies re begging; receive and process quotes for the signage; develop a plan for BID funding; more action of empty shops activation concept.

Further Funding Applications – in a concerted effort to attract more funding so that the R.R.B.A. can fulfil its objectives of improving the general amenity of the Richmond area the following motions were passed: 1. Moved H.Guglietta/seconded C.Given: “We  prepare an application for funding from Enliven Spaces to create a graffiti design for the building next to the tattoo shop, enhance the visual impact of the alleyway from Evelyn Couzins Avenue to Vogel Street and to rejuvenate the Richmond Village sign, and to further develop the Wayfinding project by incorporating planter boxes along the route.” Passed. 2. Moved H.Guglietta/seconded C.Given: “That we approach Christchurch NZ to have street banners installed along Stanmore Road” Passed. 3. Moved H.Guglietta/seconded A.Hart: “That we consider an application for funding through the Covid19 Fund.” Passed.

     Representation Review/ Ward Zoning submission discussion

Motion: “That the Ward boundary be extended from North Parade to the east to include Banks Avenue and all of River Road from Banks Avenue to Fitzgerald Avenue.” 

Moved V.Brown, seconded H.Guglietta – passed.


Methodist Mission Social Housing – no updated report 

Poulton Ave tree protection – Council is preparing design plans for the resealing of the road surface in Poulton Ave which will also include tree protection measures.

Dudley Street – emails have been sent to the Papanui/Innes Community Board urging action to address street maintenance, tree maintenance and bird pollution problems. A Ward representative and local representatives are to meet on March 25. 

River Road – update from K.McRae (C.C.C.) The contract for all three bridges in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor has been let to HEB Construction. They are now in the process of ordering the steel and setting the specs for the bridge pre-fabrication. The bridges are being pre-fabricated offsite as it’s faster, safer and minimises disruption. We’re planning to install the bridges in the second half of this year. There is no further update on converting River Road into a cul-de-sac. The money for the bridges is absolutely secure – it’s Canterbury Earthquake Appeals Trust funding and sits outside the draft LTP. Work is just a few months away from starting on site.

Avon Otākaro Network – 6 tonnes of rubbish have been removed from the river corridor through to Banks Avenue. A Dudley Creek Care Group has been established. It is hoped to start planting on the sections near the Banks Ave bridge soon. A considerable amount of mulch has been stored in the area and residents are encouraged to bring along a barrow and help distribute that around the newly planted trees. On March 29, a meeting will be held at Avebury House organised by the Greening the Red Zone and Avon Ōtākaro Network inviting participants debate the proposed spend related to the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.

Avebury Gala – Members discussed who could help at the R.R.B.A. Display at the Avebury Gala on March 28.

Gowerton Place – OCHT update

A letter was received indicating that OCHT has engaged Consortium Construction to build the new townhouses. Construction starts 22 March – completion scheduled for January 2022 – updates will be provided – specific discussions have been held with contractor and neighbours re noise and dust – The contacts provided for the expression of concerns are as follows:

Site Manager: Sam Bing Sam@consortium.net.nz 021 0880 4443 Construction Manager: Watene Pikia Watene@consortium.net.nz 021 999 804

General Manager/Director: Brooke Whiting Brooke@consortium.net.nz 027 337 7267

Neighbours can also contact the Project Manager: Rangzen Projects Ltd, Annarose Smith 027 631 4915


Communications from RRBA (i.e. when responding to anything on behalf of association). Committee members were reminded that all official correspondence should come from the secretary’s table and that individual members should not send out correspondence purporting to be the views of the R.R.B.A. in any matter unless approved beforehand by the committee.


Student Volunteer Army Big Give Day report


Update on Penguin – J.McBride’s penguin received a winning bid of $11,000 at the recent auction.


Update on RRZ fence removal – A mail drop will be sent to Flesher Ave residents to gauge the feelings about the removal of the fence posts in the red zone area. Some posts have already been removed in other areas.


Fly tipping signs – these signs have been put up at various locations in the river corridor area and so far there have been no incidents of flytipping


LTP submissions – it was decided to prepare submissions for the following:

C.C.C. Climate Change Strategy  – closes 25 April.  https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/plans-strategies-policies-and-bylaws/strategies/climate-change-strategy

C.C.C. Representation Review – closes 16 May.    https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/how-the-council-works/representation-review/

C.C.C. Development Contributions Policy  https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/plans-strategies-policies-and-bylaws/policies/development-contributions-policies/development-contributions-policy

Richmond Community News – the editors of this publication were to be approached and asked to include the meeting times and dates of future R.R.B.A. meetings.


The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 27 at Avebury House; 7.00 p.m.