Minutes April 2021

May 4, 2021 | RRBA Meeting Minutes


27 April 2021






Vicki Brown


Avebury House





David Duffy


Murray James


Angela Hart

Committee Member

Jen McBride

Committee Member

Greg Partridge

Committee Member

Vicki Brown

President / Chair




Group Represented

Pauline Cotter

CCC Councillor – Innes Ward

Alexandra Davids

CCC Central/Heathcote/Linwood Community Board Chair

Rochelle Famalo

CCC Central/Heathcote/Linwood Community Development Advisor

Barb Johnson

Resident / Business Owner

Nicole Todd

Resident / Business Owner

Jay Webb

Resident / Business Owner

Derek Wells




Hayley Guglietta, Deon Swiggs, Craig Given

Acceptance  of previous meeting minutes

A.Hart, D. Duffy


Item 1. Inwards correspondence

1.1 David Kolien – update on landscaping programme at Guild St

Updated on landscaping plan re carpet bank protection / Irrigation / Winter plantings. As per below general business.


Peter Richards – (C.C.C.) re London St

Complex issues need further investigation / discussion. As per below general business/actions.


Michael Ferigo – C.C.C. re Cycle Safety Route

Under current discussion with community board CARF staff. As per below general business.


Hawkins Construction re Banks Avenue School Redevelopment

As per below general business/actions


Item 2. Outgoing correspondence

2.1 Submissions completed and submitted to Christchurch City Council:
• Better Safer Roads,
• Development Contributions,
• L.T.P.
• Representation Review
• Climate Change
2.2 Requests for updates sent to:
• Katy McRae (Medway Bridge),
• Pana Togiaso (North Richmond Road Repair programme),
• Michael Ferigo (Safe Cycle Route proposal),
• Rochelle Faimalo (Poulton Ave/London St)

Poulton Ave residents
Providing update on tree protection/road resurfacing


Item 3. Treasurer’s Report

3.1 A copy of the Draft Financial Statements was presented by the treasurer.
The treasurer explained that section 5 (Outputs and Outcomes) was incomplete and committee members were asked to forward a summary of hours and activities spent on Association activities in the year July 2020-June 2021. @ as below

Item 4. General Business

4.1 Submission to C.C.C. – Climate Change Strategy.
Final copy to be sent to secretary for filing
4.2 Submission to C.C.C. – Representation Review.
Final to be lodged through Have you say on CCC web site
4.3 Richmond Wayfinder
Quotes still being sought for next stage of work. Hayley to continue working with Deon on this
4.4 Street Banners/Promotion Items
Discussions around Street Banners / Flags / Stickers to promote We are Richmond through our suburb. Possibilities of bigger businesses having flag poles. Put at lamp posts at entry to suburbs, smaller stickers for businesses that are not able to have a flagpole.
Also, further discussion around display boards and printed content for community events and engagement. Storage area for these things to be kept in one place
4.5 Funding Applications:
COVID 19 Fund
Strengthening Communities Fund – Completed by Hayley for $10500
Business Improvement District Grant Fund
Discretionary Fund
Enliven Spaces Fund – The installation of a mural on the blank wall next to the tattooist was also planned and discussions/designs are underway.
4.6 C.C.C. updates – Richmond Safe Cycle Route
The project is under current discussion with the Community Board by the CRAF staff who are having another meeting with the Community Board soon – with potential of half the project gaining early delivery via the CRAF funding. Although this would only provide for the upper(northern) half of the route that falls within the CRAF funding area. There is some potential for covering some of the work via the Richmond area scheduled works. If over the next 6 months none of the CRAF nor scheduled general road upgrades firms up to cover costs I will look at the possibility of presenting the cycle route as a candidate into the annual plan for the regular long-term plan. This isn’t the preferred option as at the moment the highest prioritised local cycle projects aren’t listed until five years into the ten-year capital programme.
4.7 C.C.C. updates – Poulton Ave tree protection/road resurface sealing
The road is now on programme for a reseal next financial year. Estimated end of the calendar year. An assessment for upgraded tree protection is to be incorporated. This is a work in progress to complete design at the moment.
4.8 C.C.C. updates – North Richmond Road Repair Programme
Chrystal, Petrie and Warden St 2021 detailed design being finalised. Project delivery onsite 2021 Dudley St, Nicholls St and Stapletons Rd 2022 -Design in Dudley to protect trees and their roots. Nicholls St and Stapletons Road looking at confirming scheme in preparation for consultation. Project delivery onsite 2022. Projects for the 6 streets are progressing well.
4.9 Otākaro Network – planting programme
No update available
4.10 Avebury Gala – review of We are Richmond/R.R.B.A.’s role
There was a lot of interaction between We are Richmond/R.R.B.A. and residents at the Gala stall. Many positive remarks made about the Association’s work. The meeting was informed that their a rising need for some more permanent display boards and a banner to give the R.R.B.A. stall a better profile.
Jen to cost design and production of a banner and strong portable display boards
It was also suggested that the R.R.B.A. adopt the use of a QR Code and look at options for space to store at Avebury House. Hayley.
4.11 Gowerton Place update
D.Wells (a Forth St resident) reported about contractors working outside the hours indicated in the work’s programme. He has raised this and other issues with the project manager.
It was suggested that a set of guidelines about how to lay a complaint over building site issues be set out in our communication channels.
4.12 R.R.B.A. charity status
D.Duffy is to approach S.Holbrough to seek assistance in how to claim for charity assistance.
Greg has also approached another RA who have also come to the conclusion that the requirements to become a charitable trust are not worth the reward.
4.13 Attitudes toward infill housing
H.Guglietta, C.Given and G.Partridge would like ICAN and/or We are Richmond/R.R.B.A to run an evening with a more positive vibe than the current series of negative meetings that happen whenever another developer puts up another block in another suburb. The evening would be an exhibition of where other countries have successfully dealt with infill and perhaps a couple of speakers and CCC staff to listen.
4.14 Richmond Community News – publication of our meeting venues, dates and times
The Association is to continue publishing important event dates. Eg meetings, minutes, news items, etc in the Richmond Community news in an effort to get wider publicity of the Association’s activities and greater participation from residents.
There would be some investigation into why the Community News was not being distributed in some areas of the district.
4.15 Update on Guild Street landscaping
There are plans to complete the planting along the embankment that runs parallel with Stapletons Rd and the screening planting shown on the Resource Consent (RC) approved plans. A landscaping contractor has been instructed to complete the coconut matting along the long embankment to the east, install a drip irrigation system and plant native grasses. The contractor was going to undertake these works between March and May (Autumn) but due to dryer than usual weather conditions, the contractor has requested these works are carried out in Winter. The same contractor has been instructed to create the five screening planted areas, as shown on the RC approved drawings, and these works are now also scheduled to take place this Winter. The landscaping contractor has advised Winter is a good time to plant trees and shrubs. – David Kolien
4.16 BAS site is disturbing neighbours
A complaint on RADS Facebook had been noted about noise disturbance at the Banks Avenue School site. A letter from Hawkins advising local residents of the work conditions. To facilitate relationships between the contractor and residents, the David to contact the school/MOE/Hawkins to suggest that a regular building progress bulletin be placed on the RADS Facebook site.
4.17 Options for extension of Liquor Ban area through Stanmore Road
Extension of a liquor ban to include all of Stanmore Road was discussed. Council members provided input by explaining how liquor bans are set up and administered. At this stage it was felt that a liquor ban would be easily monitored due to lack of resourcing, but a petition of such would be supported. There are other avenues to look into to improve the environment and hopefully discourage the current behaviours.
A discussion relating to the continued presence of vagrants and undesirable social behaviours particularly around Richmond Village took place and a number of possible actions presented themselves:

  • D. Swiggs was asked to provide an update on any tangible outcomes after his discussions with Police, Council,
    residents, business owners and the ‘vagrants’.
  • a renovation of the Village sign would help make the area more attractive
  • More planter boxes could be installed in the immediate vicinity
  • Installing security cameras in the area
  • Assisting with fencing off the back of the car park where current inappropriate behaviour is taking place.
  • Funding avenues suggested included Enliven Spaces, Light Bulb funding (C.C.C.), Discretionary Funding which
    was still available for this financial year.

The meeting was informed in response to a question that the Richmond Community Garden look after the maintenance of the current planter boxes with assistance from some shop owners that help to water them.
R.Faimalo also urged that the local residents report every observed incident of illegal activity to the Police on 105 or if required 111 thus building up a clear case of a need for action, she also works closely with a team working on this same issue at the other end of Stanmore Rd and we have asked to be included in this for any future strategies and discussions. . This message to be included on our website and other communications (eg. RADS, Community News)

4.18 Rejuvenation of Stanmore Road (Greening the East)
Central Ward have a current project underway and funded to rejuvenate the Linwood end of Stanmore road, which they advise will be eventually linked to the OARC. Michelle Lomax as the chair of this working group and it’s explained as “Green corridors, more trees and walkways, spaces that encourage biodiversity, nature play areas, pocket parks, and interweaving cultural history are all part of the integrated plan to boost the natural habitat to support ecological health and community well-being in the city’s inner east Greater infrastructure in our local neighbourhoods is core to this plan.
It was questioned why this is only being done in such a small area rather than the full Stanmore Road area which is in whole desperately needing full revitalisation due to lack of spending for years. A.Davids explained there was only so much funding available at this stage so this is being done in stages and eventually will move through as funding was available.
4.19 London Street
A suggestion that some committee members meet with Peter Rodgers (C.C.C.) to discuss improvements to London Street to alleviate some of the noise, and traffic flow/density concerns. Logic would suggest our roading team and local residents are included.
4.20 Laura Fergusson Trust – ex-Marian College Site
The meeting was advised that the Laura Fergusson Trust was negotiating to purchase the land on the ex-Marian College Site with a view to constructing a residential rehabilitation for brain injury patients. There would be approximately 38 people on site when the project is completed in 2026.
4.21 Shirley Road Central Skip Day event
The discussion at Papanui/Innes Community Board level regarding the decision to grant the St. Albans Community group $1100 to hold a ‘skip day’ on the site of No 10 Shirley Rd and registration fee costs. P.Cotter advised the revival of funding in the L.T.P towards resource at 10 Shirley Rd. David was asked to approach S.Holbrough Community Development Advisor to get some clarification on the outcomes of the discussions. The meeting felt that it was extremely discourteous of the parties concerned to hold the ‘skip’ event inside the boundaries of the R.R.B.A. and an explanation was warranted. It was also stated that there were sufficient community facilities within both Richmond and Shirley to preclude the rebuilding of a new structure at 10 Shirley Rd. The R.R.B.A. committee has made this point in its recent Long-Term Plan to the City Council.
4.22 Committee positions – upcoming A.G.M. (June 22)
There was brief discussion amongst people at the meeting about who would be standing for election at the A.G.M. in June. No definite decisions were forthcoming but there was an appeal for new committee members.

Item 5. Action Items/Review

5.1 London Street
David to coordinate special meeting for whole Association re London Street. CCC spokesperson (Peter Rodgers) to come and explain the complexities of this area and how to move forward.
REF 1.2 and 4.19
5.2 BAS Site
David to contact the school/MOE/Hawkins to suggest that a regular building progress bulletin be placed on the RADS Facebook site.
REF 1.4 and General REF 4.16
5.3 Climate Change Strategy Submission
Final copy of to be sent to secretary for filing.
REF 4.1
5.4 Representation Review Submission
Final copy of to be sent to CCC.
REF 4.2
5.5 Richmond Wayfinder
Hayley to present further at next meeting.
REF 4.3
5.6 Street Banners/Promotion Items
Vicki to consult with Christchurch NZ with intention to install street banners in suburb.
Jen to Price up Lamp Post Banners (Christchurch NZ will be able to give dimensions) Flags for flagpoles, Stickers.
Jen to price up gazebo / table banner approx 3m x .5 – 1m dimension
5.7 Funding Applications
COVID 19 Fund

Strengthening Communities Fund
Business Improvement District Grant Fund
Discretionary Fund
Enliven Spaces Fund
REF: 4.5
5.8 Otākaro Network – planting programme
Update from Hayley
REF: 4.9
5.9 Avebury Gala – review of We are Richmond/R.R.B.A.’s role
Jen to obtain cost for design and production of a banner REF 5.6 and strong portable display boards. Hayley to create a QR Code specifically for association and possibility of storage space for this within Avebury House.
REF 4.10
5.10 Gowerton Place update
Jen to create a basic flyer of contact persons for site/OCHT/Council for issues and laying complaint over building issues regarding Gowerton to be delivered around the immediate neighbours.
REF: 4.11
5.11 We are Richmond/R.R.B.A. charity status
Approach S.Holbrough to seek assistance in how to claim for charity assistance.
REF: 4.12
5.12 Attitudes toward infill housing
Look into options of space to hold this, a list of who to invite and what content will be.
REF: 4.13
5.13 Richmond Community News – publication of our meeting venues, dates and times
Hayley to ensure included in the What’s on section of RCN for May meeting date.
Greg to discuss with the distributor team why the RCN is not being delivered to the Richmond Village and surrounding area shops.
REF: 4.14
5.14 BAS site is disturbing neighbours
David to contact the school/MOE/Hawkins to suggest that a regular building progress bulletin be placed on the RADS Facebook site.
REF: 4.16
5.15 Deon to provide an update on any tangible outcomes after his discussions with Police, Council, Residents, Business owners and the ‘Vagrants’.
Get renovation of the Village sign underway to help make the area more attractive.
Murray to assist with fencing he has available to secure back of shops.
Jen/Hayley to include the calling of police when intimidated into web site and upcoming newsletters.
REF: 4.17

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 25 May, 2021. Avebury House. 7pm.