Minutes May 2019

Jun 2, 2019 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Hello Everybody,

Please find attached a copy of the Minutes from our last meeting held on Tuesday 28 May.
We would like to remind you that our first annual general meeting is to be held on Tuesday, 25 June at Avebury House commencing at 7.30 p.m. The meeting will open with a guest speaker; Erica Rankin from City Libraries. Erica has overall responsibility for the Shirley Library amongst other things. Her topic is “The role a Library Can Play in Building Community Wellbeing”. She has agreed to speak for 20 minutes.
A detailed agenda will be forwarded to you before the meeting and we encourage you to become involved by: putting yourself forward for nomination for a position on the committee; by nominating someone you know after having gained their acceptance; or by attending the meeting. Nominations should be in the hands of the secretary by June 20.
With your active participation, we can maintain an active presence in the community and continue to work with our Community Boards and the City Council to make improvements in the Richmond area. 
David Duffy, 
Richmond Residents and Business Association

Minutes for the meeting

held at Avebury House Tuesday 28 May, 7.30 pm


Present: Hayley Guiglietta (chairperson), David Duffy (secretary).
Committee Members: Vicki Ware.
Council Representatives: Pauline Cotter, Stacey Holbrough
Residents: Evan Smith, Rachel Crawford, Penny Milne (8)

Apologies: Jo Byrne, Craig Given, Murray James, Angela Hart, Bruce Coleman, Greg Partridge, Greg Partridge

The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were accepted– D.Duffy/V.Ware

Matters Arising:

Inwards – received
Greg Partridge  – compliance issues with Williams Corporation sites
Lynsey Caldwell – Compliance issues on the NPD Fence

Outwards – approved

  • To Richmonds of the World re project for Richmond, Christchurch thanking them for their offer but declining it.
  • Letter to John Higgins re 19 Forth street
  • Email to Matt Wells NPD re driveway and plantings next to NPD

Finance –  no financial activity recorded


  • Community flytipping problems – incidents seem to have abated a little. New bollards having an effect. Residents are asked to continue using the Snap, Send, Solve Council app to report instances of flytipping.
  • EEE – Equal Education in the East – The action group is presenting representations to the forthcoming Board of Trustees meetings at both Shirley B.H.S. and Avonside G.H.S.
  • Enliven Spaces Project. The current plan centred around the alleyway between Evelyn Cousins Ave and Forth St has been rejected on issues of compliance. The funding available now is insufficient for the project but the association was encouraged to approach the Community Board for extra funding.
  • Richmond community amenities review
    Conversations have been held with with Pat Street, (City Libraries), Ian Burn (Delta) with further conversations to be had with Voluntary Library Network, Shirley Community Trust, Shirley Village Project (Steve Jones Poole).
    Erica Rankin (City Libraries) has been invited to speak at the upcoming A.G.M.
    P.Cotter and  S.Holbrough undertook to locate the Peter Burley and Sarah Wylie reports and to pass them on to the Association if they are available.
    J.Gould had provided research and background about community amenities was also being considered.
  • iCan update – no further developments were reported on the local front. Concern and frustration was expressed to the Council Members present about the lack of action over the non-compliance issues which have been reported regularly bi ICAN members. H.Guiglietta and G.Partridge are to attend a meeting with Donna Grice (City Council) to discuss the issues above.
  • Maintenance of newly-landscaped areas on creek diversion sites. Following a comunication from a local resident, the Council was contacted about the maintenance of the areas around Dudley Creek. Council reported back that they would inspect the area and take the necessary action.
  • Roading repair programme
    “The team is proceeding with the section of Stapletons through to Randall and the remainder of Randall through to Stapletons. There has been community consultation on the proposals. Works will then proceed down Stapletons and back along Randall and the completion of the intersection with Petrie. This will complete the first 5 sections of the priority list.
  • Vehicle speeds on Stapletons.
    The team is looking at options for including traffic calming as part of the Stapletons section from Randall through to Dudley. The plan is being revised given the concerns around loss of on street parking.
  • On the roading front.
    The team is looking to address the section of Warden from Stapletons to Petrie (priority list No6). This will not happen this financial year as there are a number of issues around storm water drainage being worked through. Once resolved we will look to advise the Community Board and yourselves (R.R.B.A.) with updated scheme drawing and scheduled dates for starting and completing.
    Any work on Petrie between Randall to North Avon (priority list No8) and Chrystal between Randall and North Avon (priority list No9) are subject to funding and would follow Warden from Stapletons to Chancellor (priority list No7).
  • Christchurch Recovery Acceleration Fund
    The process is underway and Council have submitted the required documentation to Government.”
  • Association website –  the website is almost up and running and the emails used so far will be continued. A Survey Monkey communication will be sent out soon enabling residents to apply for membership and access to an Association Facebook facility

General Business

  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful – V.Ware informed the meeting that the Keep New Zealand Project was scheduled for Sept 9-15. The Association would be organising suitable activities
  • Richmond Village  – It was reported that the Bahn Thai Restaurant had applied for liquidation and would not reopen.
  • Tree planting would not be undertaken on Stanmore Road near the pedestrian crossing due to visibility issues and the plantings outside the Village which have been destroyed twice would not be replaced.
  • There still has been no contact with any of the Village landlords. Concern was expressed that there would be another empty site when the Chemist shifts to the new medical centre.
  • Stanmore Road – H.Guiglietta, V.Ware and S. Holbrough were to follow up a tree planting proposal near the new NPD station at 248 Stanmore Road

A.G.M. agenda/reports

The agenda and reports will be sent to everybody on the mailing list two weeks before the meeting. Nominations for office holders and positions on the committee must be received by the secretary five days before the meeting (June 20).

Next meeting:
Our first Annual General Meeting – 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, 25 June, at Avebury House