Minutes October 2020

Nov 3, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held at Avebury House, Tuesday, 27 October, 2020

Committee: V.Brown, D.Duffy, C.Given, H.Guglietta, A.Hart, M.James, G.Partridge
Methodist Mission Housing: J.Hawkey, D.Kolien.
City Council: A.Davids (Community Board), R.Faimalo, M.McCallum, N.Williams

Apologies: None

Guest Speaker:Upgrading the Play Space at Avebury Park” – Marcy McCallum the project manager outlined the proposed playground upgrade plans for Avebury Park. The project is in the pre-consultation phase, will be designed this year and built by 2022. Suggestions were made by the committee about the type of playground activities and the need to combine the heritage theme with the natural flow from river, through the gardens to the playground and Avebury House. It was suggested that a barbecue amenity be included in the design. The concept of an infant loss Butterfly Trail be incorporated in the proposed River Trail.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting:  taken as read

Correspondence: accepted

  • C.C.C. re Proposed changes to the Christchurch District Plan – Plan Change 4 Short-term accommodation
  • C.C.C. re new National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD)
  • Greater Christchurch Partnership survey

Outwards: approved

  • Ministry of Education re maintenance at ex S.B.H.S. site
  • Ministry of Education re Spartan Room/Gymnasium complex at Banks Avenue school site

Have Your Say Submissions:

  • Tree Policy
  • No 10 Shirley Road

The content of both submissions are to be posted on the We Are Richmond website

Financial matters:

  • Accounts to pay:
    • Akiva $178.80 for domain name renewal, etc
    • JN $931.50
    • JN $517.50
  • These accounts were passed for payment: V.Ware/M.James
  • Light Bulb Moment Fund application – R.Faimolo is to communicate the Council procedures regarding the submitting of this account. The overall account for clearing the rubbish was $577.88, $500 of which would be refunded from the Light Bulb Fund.
    • Filing of annual return – this has been filed with MBI

Council Reports: (R.Faimalo)
A summary of meeting dates and other events was presented. Quite a lengthy discussion involving A.Davids, R.Faimolo and committee members was held over the subject of consultation and information gathering and Council processes. They will come back and present in the new year after further community consultation.


  • Pace Internship – urban plan presentation – Derica Huang
    Derica presented her draft urban plan in which she highlighted the need for tactical urbanism and economic revitalisation of the Stanmore Road commercial area including Richmond Village. The draft provides details of the research carried out and examples of ‘quick-win’ projects which may be appropriate to the area. The chair thanked Derica for her work.
  • Methodist Mission Social Housing Project update – It was reported that all units are now on site and that a tentative opening date was set for December 11. A request was made to lobby the Council to support a proposal that would enable M.M.H. to extend the current planting programme and install an irrigation system using funds saved by not being obligated to paint the housing units or install pergolas. The committee agreed to compose a letter to that effect subject to consultation with and agreement from the Guild Street residents. M.James and H.Guglietta were to facilitate that process.
  • Richmond Village Project Contract – the committee accepted the terms discussed by B.Coleman and H.Guglietta and agreed that the beginning point of this work would focus on the findings in Derica Huang’s Urban Plan. This involved a sum of $5000 being spent over a period of six months with H.Guglietta acting as the ‘governance link’ between B.Coleman and the committee. The funding has aready been obtained. At the start of future meetings, B.Coleman will present a briefing on what he has achieved in the previous period leading up to each meeting.
  • Richmond Road Repair programme update – Warden Street reconstruction (Petrie St to Hills Road) key work front is now between Hills road and Chancellor Street.
    • All Kerb & Channel has now been laid
    • All trees have been planted
    • Last of the road dig out is occurring in the next 2 weeks
    • Paved Threshold at Hills road has now been installed
    • Footpaths in the last 2 blocks are now well under construction and berms to follow
    • Roading Crews are looking to have full completion in the 1st week of December 2020
  • Pre-election referenda information review – only two ‘outsiders’ came to the evening but an enlightening ‘in house’ conversation filled the evening.
  • Green Lab projects – work is progressing well with Swanns Road site completed. More action becoming evident in the next couple of weeks on the Medway St site parklet and the rest of the trail markings. We are working with the C.C.C. regarding the map placement in the Shirley reserve. The Shirley Road Map will be signed off to the R.R.B.A. and the Swanns Rd and Medway St will be signed off to the R.C.G.
  • Dudley Street trees – the meeting with residents had been held, a report compiled which was sent to the Papanui/Innes Community Board
  • S.B.H.S. Gymnasium complex and ground maintenance – the grass has been cut and extra security measures put in place around the buildings.
  • Greater Christchurch Partnership survey – the committee felt that there was no need to hold a workshop but that we should encourage all citizens to be involved in the survey which is closing at 11.59 p.m. on November 8.
    Have Your Say Submission here.

The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 24 at Avebury House; 7.00 p.m.