Minutes October 2022

Nov 2, 2022 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Meeting held at Richmond Club, Tuesday, 25 Oct, 2022
Committee Members: H. Guglietta, M. James, D. Duffy, R. Crawford, C. Carter
Visitors: J. Miller, J. McLellan, M. Adams
Apologies: S. Holborough, C.Given, S. Gautam

Minutes of Previous Meeting

● Election Posters–cost from J. McBride
● Contract payment – R.Crawford (H. Guglietta)
● Sign payment – Maiden Construction $2,442.79
● Rachel access to bank account to be able to reconcile our funding allocations report

Planning the Future with our Local Body Representatives
This part of the meeting will be dedicated to discussing our plans for the future with our local body
representatives: Jake McLellan (Central Ward Councillor), Sunita Gautam and John Miller (Central Ward
Community Board Members).
1. Revitalisation
Jake McLellan–suggested we meet with Jake and urban regeneration team to further progress to our goal.
2. Road Repair
Collaborative relationship with Council was discussed and we intend to request a meeting with roading group
in new year.
3. Petrie Park
Funding application being prepared for testing, signage, etc.
4. 40kph, Cycle Safety Route
Cycle Route:
Jake was informed of previous conversations with Council. He will talk to CCC about whether these can be
linked to local connector cycleways program.
5. Community Swimming Pool Shirley Intermediate
Discussions have begun about upgrading the Shirley Intermediate School Pool with various stakeholders.

Current Activity Reports
● Spring Fair review. “WeareRichmond” could activate middle ground for children’s play with Sections
from Richmond Club, information stands for kids preschools etc for March event.
● Election campaign feedback.
● Alleway Mural: Metal tree trellises progress. Leah working on sculptures.
● Petrie Park Environment Canterbury’s Waitaha Action to Impact Fund applied for
/UC Pace Intern Nov/Dec
● New World Soft Plastics Recycling update. Thank you letter to be sent to Greg Boock.
● Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs. Wooden signs have been etched. Waiting for invoice.
● Sustainability and Innovation Fund Petrie Park (Hayley applying for $5000).
● Roading Report Work on Nicholls Street and Dudley Street delayed.
● Richmond Village Sign Progress. Old signs need replacing. Production of new signs to be explored.
● Walking Festival 8 April – 23 April 2023. Waiting for confirmation from Council.
● 24 Nov Richmond Xmas Party–RRBA committee members to attend.
● Shirley Intermediate Liaison– D.Duffy meeting with Shirley Intermediate School Board in November.

Meeting concluded at 8:50pm

Next General Meeting: Tuesday 22 Nov – Richmond Club – 7.00 p.m.
PO Box 26-097,
Christchurch, 8013