Minutes November 2023

Nov 27, 2023 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Petrie Park Planting BBQ

Tuesday, 21 November, 2023


Committee: D.Duffy (chair), H.Guglietta, R.Crawford, L. van Bruchem, C.Carter, M.James, C.Given

City Council: S.Britten (Waipapa, Papanui, Innes, Central Community Board)

Apologies: S. Holbrough, R. Taylor, P. Cotter, J. Miller, S. Gautam, J. McLellan, 

Minutes of Previous Meeting – these were accepted as a true and correct record


Current account balance (as at 19 November, 2023): $59,316

Petrie Park Grant Budget Balance $33,545.15

Money In


Money Out:

  • $2,400.00 – October Contract payment – R. Crawford
  • $975 – B. Allen September/October Invoice (Petrie Park)
  • $383.33 – G&A Creative Limited – Petrie Park Signage Design, Visuals & Artwork
  • $150 – Riverlution Hub Rent October (automatic monthly payment)
  • $160 – St Albans Community Centre – BBQ Hire for Petrie Park (including $100 refundable bond)
  • $416.30 – Canterbury Landscape Supplies – Petrie Park Soil
  • $160 – Bin Inn Refund of Sign Size Overpayment (paid for large sign, getting small sign)
  • $501.40 – G&A – The Giveback Agency – Petrie Park Signs (design and printing)
  • $77.78 – H.Guglietta – purchase of flower plants for Petrie Park

Motion: That these payments be made: moved M.James; seconded Chris Carter – passed

This meeting followed a community planting exercise in Petrie Park attended by about forty five people who assisted in preparing the flower beds, planting the flowers and planning future planting strategies. The committee organised a sausage sizzle in conjunction with the planting initiative.

A more formal meeting of the committee followed the planting programme event and the following items were discussed:

  • Petrie Park – The organisers (H.Guglietta and B.Allen) were happy with the response of the local community and the work that was completed during the evening event. H.Guglietta outlined future plans involving planting, soil testing, budget predictions and the overall programme which stretches over 5 years. The committee agreed that B.Allen’s contract which expires in November, should be renewed with some fine tuning to allow for a greater flexibility regarding the number of hours worked each month.

All other Activity Reports were taken as read with a few more discussion points.

  • Richmond Village Sign – We are still waiting on the final payment from Liquid Laundromat. Designing a logo header board. The Bin Inn are to be refunded $160.00 because the size of their sign was to be reduced.
  • Richmond Village Car Park – Rosanne has contacted Worksafe who have placed the matter into their system. A RADS and FB post was made 16 Nov asking If locals have sustained injuries from the carpark. That could strengthen our case and bump the issue up on the Worksafe Triage system. Rosanne is continuing to work on this issue. 
  • Worksafe again. We will have to be careful to acknowledge privacy matters when requesting the information suggested via Facebook but it could be very helpful. Offer of filling in potholes with leftover materials from a resident who works for local building company–he will get back to us if this is possible.
  • Coffee with the Cops – Rosanne continues to explore ways in which we can establish dialogue between Police and community. She commented that while we have dots on paper about crime in the area we don’t have examples that locals can talk about affecting them. She wants to gather stories from anybody about their experiences to add weight to the cause. We need data!!
  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison – next pool sub-committee meeting is Tuesday, November 28. Agenda includes gathering experiences from Sumner and Belfast community pools.
  • Roading Report – Work started in Averill Street, November 20, on three intersection upgrades as part of the C.R.A.F. grant. We have met with the site engineer and arranged information updates to go on our web and Facebook site.
  • Community Led Development Programme/DIA – Rachel has completed the application for Lottery Community funding for this round and is editing it after feedback received from DIA on 16 Oct. To be submitted by the Wed 22 Oct deadline!
  • Avon-Otakaro Network Updates and Riverlution Updates – H. Guglietta provided a comprehensive update which included a timeline regarding the framing of the legal structure towards co-governance and a summary of the other groups associated with Riverlution as the project unfolds. Evelyn Cousins Avenue is to be shortened thus allowing the road to be converted into a ‘green space’ linking the Richmond Community Garden with the Fungi Farm
  • Community Christmas Celebration – Planning was well in hand for this event scheduled at Riverlution December 21.  
  • Design and Website Maintenance – It was agreed to keep in contact with the parties who had expressed interest in this position but any decisions would be held over to the New Year.
  • The future of We Are Richmond – the chairman posed the question about how the R.R.B.A. and its associated Richmond groups including Avebury House, operating under the banner of We Are Richmond could function more efficiently with a reorganisation of the administrative set up currently in use. Some lively discussion followed and it was decided that the topic deserved more thought and discussion before any moves were made towards considering a new administrative plan.
  • First Meeting 2024 – 23 January at Avebury House