Richmond Road Repair Programme Update

Apr 29, 2024 | Roading in Richmond, RR&BA

We have a recent update from Council about our road building programme which was
started in 2018. Currently, work is well underway in Nicholls and Dudley Streets for the
Street renewal project. It is hoped to have a new footpath along the eastern side of Nicholls
Street by the end of the month and good progress is being made on reconstruction of the
road on the same side. When this is complete, work will start on the western side and then
progress into Dudley Street in the months ahead. A total road closure applies in Nicholls
Street to all through traffic.

The work in Stapletons Road has been completed and this has considerably enhanced the
condition of this section of the street. Our thanks are extended to Corde and Higgins, the
construction firms involved in this rebuild programme, for their management of the
everyday access to and from the streets during the work phase.

The R.R.B.A. are also pleased to be able to inform our residents that the long awaited Cycle
way will be started from Averill Street in late 2024 and continue through to 2025. The dates
for school holidays and the work in Dudley/Nicholls Streets has been taken into account so
that there is a good flow without too much disruption for Pareawa School.

Some years ago the Council received a grant from the Government (Christchurch Remedial
Activities Fund – C.R.A.F.) and part of that grant was directed towards improving roads in
Richmond. There have been many obstacles in Council’s way preventing immediate use of
that money which has resulted in considerably less purchasing power. For example, road
building costs have risen 30-40% since Covid, Covid itself was disruptive and the change of
government late last year has also provided uncertainties over project planning and costing.
However, we can confirm that the renewal work planned for Slater Street between Warden
St and Shirley Rd will go ahead. Consultation with residents will start late this year. With
construction due to start in 2025.. Three intersection upgrades in Averill Street have been
completed but there is a hold on further intersection upgrades until a reassessment of
available resources can be held.

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