Jul 27, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

AGM Report JUNE 2020

PO Box 26-097, Christchurch, 8013 




The Richmond Resident and Business Association has had another successful year as an association of volunteers working together with council representatives to bring ideas to fruition and get action on bettering Richmond as a whole. 

Guest Speakers for the year: 

  • Axel Wilke – Director – Senior Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner 
  • Ian Burn – Director – Delta 
  • Martin Hadlee – Eden Project. 
  • Khye Hitchcock – The Green Lab 
  • Jimmy Summerfield – C.E.O. Richmond Club. 
  • Jill Hawkey – Christchurch Methodist Mission 

Achievements that We are Richmond have been involved in: 

  • Submission and working with CCC on Shirley Reserve Pump Track and Multi use table 
  • Pushing for attention to the Chancellor and Guild St foot bridge resurfacing (Dangerous and slippery) 
  • Survey to community for consultation and feedback/ideas on speed slowing on all roads but the main arterial routes (Stanmore, North Avon, North Parade) 
  • Support of local groups seeking development transitional use programs in the RRZ 
  • Damage report on verge of Avalon Street from heavy trucks 
  • CCC Election Forum at Delta 
  • Keep NZ Beautiful event to pick up Rubbish in Richmond (Free BBQ sponsored by New World) 
  • Participation in discussions around the future use of the Shirley Reserve 
  • Submission to PC7-455 on plan change 7 to the LWRP and/or Plan change to the WRRP 
  • Submission on consultation of parking/road layout in Perth/Avalon Street 
  • Attendance at the Avebury Gala with a We are Richmond stall to discuss and get feedback on Safe Cycling, Petrie Park, Traffic slowing and general community involvement 
  • Involvement and backing in pushing for a permanent zone change for inclusion of Richmond in SBHS and ASGH zones 
  • Proposal to CCC of Richmond Safe Cycling Route 
  • Backing of the Heritage Trail 
  • Monthly communication newsletters 
  • Backing of the Medway St bridge reinstatement 
  • Submission to both community board annual plans 
  • Submission to CCC annual plan (also community survey for further ideas and understanding of submission) 
  • Summer with your Neighbours event at Petrie Park to celebrate the completion of road works so far with contractors and our community (Successful day with a treasure hunt, free BBQ) 


Ongoing : 

  • Assisting in communications re community outcry re CMM plan for social housing in Guild St (Ongoing communications through We are Richmond) 
  • Funding applications for further support of association to various entities 
  • Appointment of contractor to move forward with the We are Richmond website development. 
  • Petrie Park upgrade (Still in motion involving young people of Richmond) 
  • Ongoing work with Green Lab to bring Richmond project to fruition and installed for the use of all 
  • Ongoing discussions with Banks Avenue School and CCC regarding use of existing amenities for community use (Existing gymnasium and associated facilities) 
  • Ongoing road works (updated from contractor and communicated monthly 
  • Ongoing enquiry with Central board Jake McLellan re tree stoppers, maintenance, protection and road surface in Poulton Avenue 
  • Ongoing push for maintenance of Dudley Creek plantings 

Deputations we have attended: 

  • Naming of 58 Perth Street (Objecting) 
  • CMM Social Housing consent process 

Associations we are involved with or support: 

  • Avebury House 
  • Richmond Community Garden 
  • ICAN 
  • The Green Lab 
  • Delta 
  • Richmond Community News 


As a group we have been involved in some great changes in the Richmond area and look forward to another year of making progress in various areas with the support of the two community boards, delivering communications in conjunction with others to ensure our community is well informed on all matters that may affect Richmond.