Minutes May 2020

Jun 7, 2020 | RRBA Meeting Minutes


Meeting Location and date: Tuesday 26th May, 2020, Via ZOOM
Committee: V.Ware (Chairperson), D.Duffy (secretary), M.James (treasurer), A.Crook, C.Given, H.Guglietta,
A.Hart, J.McBride, G.Partridge.
City Council: A. Davids (Chairperson – Central Ward), S.Holbrough (Papanui Ward).
Residents: P.Boland, L and D.McIntosh, C.Allden, Kerry ?
Methodist Mission Social Housing representatives: Jill Hawkey, David Kolien (Project Manager), Andrea
Goodman (Housing Manager).


Minutes of Previous Meeting: Accepted
Matters Arising: NIL


  • C.C.C. response to submission to Draft Annual plan
    The Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Friday 29 May to consider the new draft budget.
    Once the revised Draft 2020-21 Annual Plan been adopted, the community will again be invited to feed
    back on the proposed plan. The consultation process will run from Friday 12 June until Monday 29
    June. We will provide more details on how people can give their feedback closer to the time. It is
    expected that a final Annual Plan 2020-21 will be adopted by the end of July.
  • C.C.C. – Road repair programme
    The team has been working through scheme design options for the six streets, during lockdown, that
    are planned for delivery in FY21 and FY22. We are planning to brief the Papanui-Innes Community
    Board with an update on progress in mid-June 2020, and we are aiming to consult on all six streets in
    August / September this year.
    With respect to Warden Street, construction is back underway in the section between Petrie Street
    and Stapletons Road, and CityCare has started on the stormwater work required in the section
    between Stapletons Road and Chancellor Street, following the move to Alert Level 3. We currently
    anticipate that the renewal between Petrie Street and Chancellor Street will be completed by the
    end of August 2020.
    City Care will continue working into the next section between Chancellor Street and Hills Road, so
    there will be no break in construction as originally anticipated due to the delays incurred by the
    Covid 19 lockdown.


Jill Hawkey re invitation to attend next meeting.

The treasurer reported that the End of Project Fund Report had been forwarded to both Council Wards and
receipt had been acknowledged.

Guest Speaker:
Methodist Mission Guild Street Social Housing update – conversation with Jill Hawkey, David Kolien,
Andrea Goodman
The following topics/questions and responses were exchanged before the meeting and some further
issues and comments added to the responses during the meeting:

  1. Overview of the project and it’s purposes/benefits for the tenants and local community.
    The new development will provide 15 much needed warm and dry family homes for CMM’s tenants. It also includes a
    Community House which will be available for use by the tenants as well as the wider local community. We are also
    hoping to work with Delta to reinstate the shared community gardens that they currently have on site (when the
    building works is finished). There will be publicly accessible footpaths through the property.
  2. How have the site plans evolved since the community meeting and following the CCC hearing?
    Additional planting to screen the homes from neighbouring properties has been added and pergolas to some of the
  3. What design elements do you have degrees of freedom on that might involve the community? (e.g: heritage style
    fencing, planting, colours of houses, access ways etc)
    Additional planting for screening will be discussed with adjacent neighbours later in 2020 after the homes are in
  4. What is the high-level project plan for the site from now until the end of the project (moving in date)?
    Please refer to attached letter posted to neighbours in roads adjacent to the property on 30 April
  5. Are there existing elements on site (trees for example) could be retained? For example, the large cabbage tree on
    the Stapletons end of the site
    The resource consent approved plans identify which trees are to be retained or removed. Consideration will be given
    to retaining the cabbage tree close to Stapletons Road however the tree may still need to be removed since it is
    located in an area where ground levels will be changed. Cabbage trees also do not usually survive after being moved.
  6. Roading and traffic management plans during construction – what will the site access be – and how will the MM
    contractors manage the access to the site for heavy truck movements (and debris clean up on the streets etc).
    Most of the site access will be gained via the Stapletons Road entrance and under Council approved construction and
    traffic management plans.
  7. How will continuity be managed about the site for pedestrians and cyclists, on Guild and Stapletons Roads.
    The resource consent approved plans show public accessible footpaths to the NE and SW of the new homes running
    through the property and linking Guild Street with Stapletons Road. For Health and Safety and Covid-19 reasons,
    there can unfortunately be no access on the property during the construction period
  8. Will the existing community garden (Delta managed) be retained – and if so – how will this be maintained during
    the construction period?
    It will not be possible for the community garden to be retained during the construction period due to health and
    safety issues and concern for the volunteers. However, we are committed to working with Delta so that a community
    garden is able to be re-established on the site once construction is complete. We are currently having conversations
    with Delta staff.

Additional comments in response to questions and concerns posed during the meeting:Communication flow with the community: an already prepared letter will be sent out to the community within days describing many aspects of the housing development and programme. Other suggestions made to Methodist Mission Social Housing (MMSH) included an information site on their website which all residents could have access to and pose questions; distributing information through the We Are Richmond networks; installation of an information board at the Guild St and Stapletons Road entrances; the publication of site plans for viewing
by the general public.

  • The importance of regular communication by CMM/Miles Construction with the community was emphasised.
  • The issue of the effects of ground shaking during site preparation and possible damage to adjacent properties
    was raised by a resident. David Kolien replied that he could not see that it would be an issue but undertook to
    check the matter out with engineers. A letter will be sent to those residents who may be affected prior to future
    such groundwork. M. James suggested that residents should check their insurance policies to determine who
    would cover any possible damage.
  • Residents may be invited to view the arrival of the first house on site although this would be very early in the
    morning (4.00-5.00 a.m.) Residents will also be advised when the building transfers from Linwood are to take
  • Road and traffic disruption were covered by the Council restrictions put in place for the project and CMM/Miles
    Construction is working within these guidelines. These conditions will apply through until December
  • Planting/landscaping will begin in September. CMM/Miles Construction was urged to collaborate with the
    community well before this so that acceptable planting programmes are well planned and executed.
  • Concerns have been expressed about the type of people who will become residents in this social housing
    complex. CMM stated that these families were in dire need of social housing and should be regarded as adding to
    the cross section of society already existing in Richmond.
  • The maintenance of St. Albans Creek and Dudley Creek were the responsibility of City Care although CMM were
    making every effort to eliminate any pollution emanating from the work site. Further to this issue, D.Duffy and
    C.Given will carry out an inspection of both creeks and report back to City Care about the conditions of the plants
    and clarity about maintenance contracts.
  • Key project contacts for comments / queries – please call Project Manager, David Kolien from Rangzen Projects
    (representing CMM), on 027 226 8375 anytime between 7am and 7pm Mon to Sat should you have any
    construction or programme related questions.


Reports from the Council Wards:

R.Faimolo (Central Ward) and S.Holbrough (Papanui Ward) will attend alternate meetings during the year.

S.Holbrough reported that the Pump Track at 10 Shirley Rd was now open. The multi-purpose table will be
built during June. Council ward meetings were scheduled for June 3 (Central Ward) and 5 June (Papanui
Ward) and will be live streamed on face book. The Council through A. Davids was asked to clarify the news
report regarding the extent of social housing managed by Otautahi Housing in Richmond. Were there to
be any new projects in Richmond or is the designated fund to be devoted to replacement/refurbishment
of existing sites?

Notice of motion:

“The R.R.B.A. committee agrees that the sum of $30.00 per hour for three hours each week be paid from
our existing funds from May 4, until these funds are exhausted, to Jen McBride to enable her to continue
acting in the role of the Association website manager and researcher”.

Moved/seconded: D.Duffy/V Ware – passed unanimously.

Discussion points:
Further employment depends to a large degree on the outcome of the application for
funding and would probably be through contractual arrangements. H.Guglietta reported that applications
for funding had been forwarded to COGS and Rata.

Perth Street parking issues:
Some minor repair work has been completed and line painting completed in Perth
Street and issues resolved. Residents in Alexandra Street are now requesting similar parking restrictions in
parts of that street.

ICAN update:
H.Guglietta and G.Partridge and other ICAN representatives have had high level discussions with the City Council about the outcomes of recent high density, developer backed housing in various parts of
Christchurch. They reported back of an increased awareness of the global problems and non-compliance issues that have emerged over a number of years and expression of a desire to address the need to review
the working of the District Plan and R.M.A. The group was confident of more acceptable outcomes when future building proposals come before Council. Discussions continue. ICAN is about to launch a website
highlighting the issues.

The Annual Plan Submission consultation process:

Consultation will run from Friday 12 June until Monday 29 June. The submission contained the following items:

Avon Otakaro River Corridor and the RRZ in Richmond , Medway Street Footbridge, Parks and Reserves, 10 Shirley Road, Crime Camera Installation, Avon floodplain management plan, Water Supply/Reticulation, Speed Reduction, Community Engagement for this submission, Urban Plan/Master Plan, Richmond Road Repairs, Innes/Papanui Ward Road Repair Programme Central Ward Road Maintenance/Repair Survey Red Zone Roads within Richmond, Richmond Safe Cycle Network Route.

In view of the effects of the Covid19 pandemic the committee was asked to read through the submission with the purpose of realigning priorities and detail. It was also stated that the Council should be vigorously
discouraged from cutting community funding which, if it eventuated, would drastically reduce a vital component of the development of successful communities – community involvement. The Council should
also be reminded that by working with the Community, there would be ways to ‘stretch’ funding and make better use of resources.

It was indicated that the R.R.B.A. would resubmit its revised submission and request an opportunity to speak to the submission.

University of Canterbury PACE programme student internship:

Through her work with Canterbury University, H.Guglietta has applied for an intern to work in the field of urban development within Richmond as part of a study programme.

Bridge Rebuilding Programme:

The programme for the replacement of earthquake destroyed bridges has begun and community consultation will commence soon. This includes the Medway St Footbridge.

Greenlab Update:

Has resumed activities since the Covid crisis and is concentrating on two areas: (1) development of the Swanns Road bridge area; (2) a wayfinding course in Richmond.

Preparation for A.G.M.

Various committee members were asked to prepare reports for the annual meeting on June 23.

A. Crook indicated that he would not be seeking re-election to the committee, all other members were prepared to stand again.

Attempts to attract more interest from the business sector were to be made. There will be information to follow to the community regarding the nominations process to have these completed and
ready for a smooth running of the A.G.M.

Next Meeting: A.G.M. Tuesday 23 June 2020, Avebury House.

Meeting closed 9.20pm