Minutes April 2022

May 9, 2022 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held at Richmond Club, Tuesday, 22 March, 2022

H.Guglietta (chair), M.James (treasurer)
Committee Members: D.Duffy, C. Given, G. Partridge
Council Representatives: P. Cotter, A. Davids, S. Holbrough, D. Swiggs
Secretary: R. Crawford
Residents: V. Kirstein, K. Angus, C. Allden


The Minutes of Previous Meeting were accepted.


Inwards: Nil

Outwards: Nil

Treasurer’s Report: 

There was no financial activity to report. 

Current Activity Reports

  • Character/Heritage areas were discussed-Cumberland Street, Perth Street. CCC’s focus on CBD development first before suburbs. Christchurch needs special consideration/different time frame because of earthquake recovery.. Engage Alexandra Street residents about being unique examples of character…what do they want? Possible doorknock? Are they interested in retaining the character? Can the Richmond’s land handle multi-unit developments over time? This needs investigation and explanation.
  • Points for submission:
    Support retention of SAMS areas
    Highlight whether people want to be part of SAMS area (Alexandra St).
    Can infrastructure support intense development?
    Height of buildings/can the ground support this? (Need information around this) (Is this relevant?)
    Green spaces/ protect trees.
    Secondary schools
    • Trees as part of heritage areas was discussed. CCC should charge if developments remove existing trees on site. This financial contribution can be used to plant more trees, to create amenity by creating pocket park? This revenue can be used for positive effect.
    • Submission ideas were proposed. We don’t support total tree loss. Developers can build around trees. Instead of developers clear-felling, sites first have to be surveyed for quality of trees. But this might discourage development in the central city area, and make development further outside of town. Intensification should be planned more carefully. Not opposed to insification, but to
      OVER-intensification. Intensification could be beneficial along busier areas such as Stanmore Rd, but keeping Dudley SAM.
    • Stanmore Rd is coming alive post-quakedensity is welcome in some areas to get businesses going. Public transport is important/transport hubs. Need high intensification to get transport hubs established. Richmond has a lot of green space. We are lucky to have these. Need to highlight positives and negatives of our areas. 
    • Heritage v Character. Support existing heritage and character areas of all suburbs. Identify pockets (Alexandra, Chancellor), identify their stories. CCC can communicate with these residents directly. Highlight points of difference in our area. 
    • Balance between development and ‘ruining’ city. Keep trees and amenity of the area, but developments are ok. Current development’s workmanship aren’t built to last 50-100 years. Quality development are needed. Trees, greenery, balance. If you’re going to increase development, need more amenity. We need a community approach, to look at the whole picture. 
    • Resident please identify trees in your area to the CCC that need to be protected.
    • Budget discussed. Approved. 
    • Road repair–Chrystal Street progressing. Contractors keen to be engaged with community. Craig showed North Richmond online map with live information. Anyone can click on streets on the map to see timeline of repairs. Will publish on We are Richmond website soon. 
    • Update: Bug Painting workshop tomorrow. Mural garden planting. Richmond Village sign. Laura Fergusson Trust. Drainage Petrie Street progress–could add a food forest? Community involvement in upgrading pool at Shirley Intermediate? 
    • Dudley trees were discussed. The parties responsible for looking after the Dudley diversion needs to be followed up, as it isn’t being maintained well enough still. Overgrown vegetation on footpathshealth and safety issues. Plan next weedathon–pocket park, rain garden/mural, South Richmond (Pavitt Park) 
    • Matariki this year will be scaled down (due to covid), will be incorporating small natural lighting of stars. Next year the event will return to a large community event.. 
    • Put character information in the RCN monthly. Send Tanya information each month. Impact report for We are Richmond to be created. 
      • Guest speakers/topics for future meetings proposed.

      The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

      Next Formal Meeting: Tuesday 23 August – Avebury House – 7.00 p.m.