Minutes March 2022

Mar 24, 2022 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held at Richmond Club, Tuesday, 22 March, 2022

Present: Committee: H.Guglietta (chair), M.James (treasurer), C. Given.

Secretary: R. Crawford

Apologies: P. Cotter (C.C.C. Papanui Ward), David Duffey

The Minutes of Previous Meeting were accepted.


Inwards: Nil

Outwards: Nil

Treasurer’s Report: 

There was no financial activity to report. 

Current Activity Reports

  • Roading Repair programme – C.Given and D.Duffy met with Council staff on site on 23 March to discuss; (1) Roading and Planting; (2) Who specifically manages the weeding/maintenance of areas like berms, riversides, etc; (3) Next step is to assign the currently unmaintained weeding/maintenance areas.
  • Deputation for Qualifying Matters regarding heritage, trees to be prepared in April.
  • Move Roading Richmond Section of the We Are Richmond website to the RRBA Section under subtabs, along with Keep Richmond Beautiful, Weedathon, Cycleway. Create an interactive road project map online that C. Given can update online as roading projects progress or are introduced.
  • Discussed the use of the name We Are Richmond instead of RRBA- Richmond Residents & Association for community use. To be more accessible to the community.
  • M. James to oversee fabrication of the Richmond Village Sign over the next few weeks.
  • Strengthening Communities application needs to be submitted.
  • C.Given proposed a Print of Richmond Locations, from the past or present, be made by a local artist. Posters, tshirts, tea towels could be sold to fund community projects. Application for funding can be made, RATA.
  • H. Guglietta discussed the future of the Original Medway bridge once all parts are no longer used by other organisations (once City Putt and Cruise closes). Community consultation will be sought.
  • The relocation of the Regent Theatre Dome was discussed. Planning, funding need to be started now.
  • Matariki in the Zone–combined application for funding to be applied for by Avebury House, RCG, RRBA, and the Avon Otakaro Network for Big Events. Focus on transitioning from electrical lights to natural lights. Create our own reusable lighting resource. Focus on Matariki stars and constellations.
  • Petrie Park and the future of the Former Bowling Green  was discussed. Could be returned to its natural state by various plantings over the course of a few years–could involve locals or university project. Or managed by the community. It was proposed to hold a neighbourhood hui to discuss what nearby neighbours would want.
  • Delta Community Support Trust is under new management. 
  • Community Police Patrols  have been started in the area.
  • Activating Water Recreation on the Avon River was discussed. Future for-fun annual community events such as a homemade raft race, triathlon with a fun focus and costumes all proposed to create community enjoyment. Other ideas for a food festival focusing on seasonal produce, maize maze in the red zone.

    The meeting closed at 9:20 p.m.

    Next Formal Meeting: Tuesday May 24 – Avebury House – 7.00 p.m.