Minutes May 2022

Jul 13, 2022 | RRBA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting held at Avebury House, Tuesday, 24 May, 2022


Present: M.James (Chair/Treasurer)

Committee Members: C. Given, D.Duffy,  H.Guglietta

Secretary: R. Crawford

Residents: P. Boland

Visitors: Toni Burnside (Banks Avenue School)


Apologies: G.Partridge, S.Holbrough, P. Cotter (C.C.C. Papanui Ward).


The Minutes of Previous Meeting were accepted.


Correspondence In: Nil


Correspondence Out: Nil


Finance: There was no financial activity to report. Budgeting for tea towel/art project was discussed.


Guest Speaker


Toni Burnside, principal of Banks Avenue School, discussed the journey of the old school moving into the new school Pareawa Banks Avenue on the former site of Shirley Boys High School at the beginning of Term 3 in July. She discussed the new school design, and there will be a formal farewell for the community before the old school is closed, and an open day for the public before the new school is opened. The old Banks Avenue school will be demolished in August/September.


Current Activity Reports


  • Roading Repair programme – C.Given has communicated with Neville Tucker (Road/Kerbside Maintenance) regarding the maintenance of Dudley Creek Catchment area and roadside weeding. Neville is working with teams to clarify responsibility. Intensive weeding has been done in the Dudley Creek area, and should be maintained once/month. D.Duffy attended the  Draft Christchurch Transport Plan webinar.
  • Plans were discussed for RRBA’s decoration of a tree for the Seeking/Ararapu Matariki in the Zone event. The use of recycled materials for the Matariki star Ururangi.
  • Approaches to the LiVS programme staff have come to a standstill. Further efforts will be put on hold.
  • Because of covid, M. James is having difficulty finding skilled workers to complete the Richmond Village Sign.
  • Plastic Free July ideas for Richmond were discussed.
  • A freecycle event similar to Heathcote Valley Freecycle Day’s viability for Richmond was discussed. 


Council Reports: None

The meeting closed at 9:15 p.m.


Next General Meeting: Tuesday June 28 – The Richmond Club – 7.00 p.m.