Minutes November 2022

Dec 2, 2022 | RR&BA, RRBA Meeting Minutes



Meeting held at Richmond Club, Tuesday, 22 Nov, 2022



Committee Members: M. James, D. Duffy, R. Crawford, C. Carter, C.Given

Visitors: S. Holborough, E. van Bruchem, L. van Bruchem, R. Taylor

Apologies: S. Gautam, H. Guglietta, M. Adams, J. McBride, J. Miller


Minutes of Previous Meeting 




  • Jen McBride 2 accounts $445.63, $891.25
  • Contract payment – R.Crawford $2100
  • Sign payment – Maiden Construction $2,442.79
  • Grant R. Crawford access to bank account to reconcile our funding allocations report. View only. M. James motion. Seconded by C. Given.
  • Charities Annual Return $51.11. M. James motion items are approved for authorisation of payment. Seconded by C. Given.


Current Activity Reports


  • Avebury Gala March. Emails sent to local schools and Richmond Club.  Shirley Intermediate, Shirley Primary interested. Waiting on reply from Richmond Club, Pareawa Banks Avenue. 


  • Alleway Mural progress report. Leah Fraser-Henderson artist currently creating metal tree, which plants will grow up. Currently creating first one.


  • Petrie Park Sunday 12 February Summer with your Neighbours event, survey to be created. Environment Canterbury’s Waitaha Action to Impact Fund applied for. UC Pace intern update–on hold. Ice Cream containers with lids still needed. Upcoming meeting 1 December.


  • Richmond Village Wayfinding Signs. Sign 1 ready, Michelle has been contacted to paint. Will need anti-graffiti coating.

  • Roading Report 30 Dudley Street tree removed 22/11 because of damage. New contact lines to be made with CCC.

  • Richmond Village Sign Quotes and production of new signs presented. Contact NZ Post regarding new sign on signboard.

  • Walking Festival 8 April – 23 April 2023. Progress report and detail planning. Adventure Avenue. 

  • Shirley Intermediate Liaison Progress report on pool decisions. 








  • Community Led Development Programme application. Discussion regarding applying next year. Reapply for Lottery Community application. 


  • Consideration to the Contribution to Riverlution Eco Hub Running Costs. Agreed, amount to be confirmed. M.James motion. Seconded C. Carter. 


  • Community open day for new Pareawa, Shirley Intermediate discussed for next year.


  • Arrangements for 24 November Function. 


  • Speed Limits submission


Stacey Holborough–Innes By-Election. Nominations start 24 Nov, close 22 December. Voting papers sent in January.

Meeting concluded at 9:10pm



Next General Meeting: Tuesday 24 Jan– Richmond Club – 7.00 p.m.